Mothers of 2 year olds, I’m on to you!

What are you feeding your kids in the morning? Rhetorical question. I know exactly what lays in the cherubs’ bowls. Batteries. By the spoonful. Not the regular kind either. Fancy batteries, the ones which keep on going and going… Two hours before the shoot for maximum effect.

The Energizer

Since beginning to photograph 2 year olds on a regular base, I have rescinded my gym membership. Lean Cuisines now belong to the past. I pack for the Arboretum as if embarking on an African safari, my sport lens firmly affixed to the camera. And after chasing Michael Johnson Jr. all over the park for about an hour, I face the unavoidable apologetic look in the eyes of the exhausted parents.

Photographing a 2 year old

Oh parents, you really should not feel sorry. The rule goes like this: Kids wake up on their second birthday, they start running and they don’t stop until they reach three. Look at it from my perspective: unlike you, I get to go home and take a nap.

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