Sometimes, life just gets in the way of work. Having been around horses all my life, I intended to create a web site devoted solely to equine photography. That was six months ago.

Horse fight

Horse fight 2

I have now secured the name: but I confess with great shame that this is about as far as I have gotten.

Tennessee Walker

Today for example would be a perfectly good day to get started… but if you were me, wouldn’t you much rather drive to a horse farm and photograph their studs rather than deal with HTML encoding?

Tennessee Walker with a mustang mane

I’m just sayin’…

2 responses to “Procrastination

  1. Great action photos… I live next to a horse ranch in FL and the horse never get this active. Nice shots!!

  2. nathaliewithanh

    Thanks Paul! I cannot tell you how much exercise I get running up and down the fields to get these action shots. Honestly, photographing static horses feels REALLY nice at 6:30 am before having had the opportunity to swing by the local Starbucks!

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