Glutton for Punishment

My friend Mike either assumes his past really well OR he belongs to that group of folks who thrive on self-inflicted pain. Either way, if you dig up pictures of yourself in the seventies, dressed like a clown, and duly mulleted, you should consider not sharing this information with your friends. A twisted mind like mine might just swipe the photograph and distribute business card-sized refrigerator magnets to all your buddies.

Mike Daniel, a business card

How could I possibly resist?

4 responses to “Glutton for Punishment

  1. Actually, that picture’s circa 1988, dearest Nathalie … and paisley patterns, pinkish-purple dress shirts (love me some Prince, baby) and the turbo-mega-supafly poof mullet were waaay in style in the waning years of the Reagan era in suburban Omaha, Nebraska … :::gulp:::

    Heck: you should see my Alex Lifeson-inspired haircut from about a year or so after that. Or wait … no you shouldn’t …

  2. nathaliewithanh

    Mike! The eighties? You dressed like that in the eighties? Are you KIDDING me? Consider yourself repudiated from my realm.

  3. Yah, well … up until MTV took over the world, middle America had always been about a decade or so behind the times fashion-wise … besides: I was a speed-mad brainiac jock back then. Fashion had about the same priority to me as keeping the hedgerows even around my folks’ house, or using my turn signal while driving twice the posted speed limit …

  4. nathaliewithanh


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