Moko Jumbies

In St. Croix, the Moko Jumbies scare the evil spirits away…

St. Croix Moko Jumbie

with their daring moves and…

Moko Jumbie from St. Croix

their Ray-Bans which are, after all, well-known to repel evildoers.

Then you catch up with the Moko Jumbies in the parking lot…

Moko Jumbies after the show

and you can’t help but wonder if entrusting the safety of your soul to a bunch of flip-flopped teenagers is all that wise.

4 responses to “Moko Jumbies

  1. I don’t know where you found Ray-Ban wearing jumbies, perhaps kids practicing their skills. How dare you diss them when they’re endeavoring to perpetuate their cultural icon instead of gang banging, robbing or committing other crimes. Shame on you!!

  2. Dear JUmbieGirl, lighten up!
    1) These artists were professional and hired to perform at the Virgin Island Agricultural and Food Fest in 2008. A big affair, I assure you.
    2) It’s called HUMOR. I have emailed the link of the post to all these Moko Jumbies a long time ago AND sent them numerous photographs of their performance.
    3) You may be lacking humor but you are certainly not lacking a certain dose of racism. Why on earth would you even insinuate that the only thing preventing these young men from a life of crime is to be perched on two stilts? Shame on you!
    I do not mind comments, but intelligent comments are preferred.

  3. I can understand the humorous aspect of this piece, but do you have any actual “serious” works with them? Any more pictures?

    It would be nice to see a piece dedicated to their hard-work and talent, rather than using them in a humorous light.

  4. Unfortunately, not enough time on the Island to produce a serious Moko Jumbi piece that would do them justice. Next time, most definitely!

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