Polyamorous Jenny

Never was I better reminded not to judge a book by its cover than when I met Jenny Block in St. Croix. My first impressions of her were conservative, conservative, and ooh how conservative! Married, one child, a regular collaborator to the Dallas Morning News, low heels and skirt under the knee, Jenny exemplified in my mind the typical middle class conservative working mom from Texas.

During a visit to Sonya, a well-known jewelry store on the Island, Jenny got surrounded by a flock of charming gay men vying to advise her on her bracelet purchase.

The Advisors

The Advisors

They inquired:

“Is the bracelet for you?”

“One is for me, the other for my girlfriend.” She replied.

“Your girlfriend-girlfriend?”

“Yes, my girlfriend-girlfriend.”

Sensing a monumental misunderstanding, I volunteered:

“No, no, not a girlfriend-girlfriend! Just a girlfriend. She is married.”

And Jenny turned to me and very calmly pointed out:

“Yes I’m married. I have a husband… AND a girlfriend.”

Jenny Block’s new book on polyamory, “Open: Love, Sex and Life in an Open Marriage” hits the bookstores in June. She has also just landed a Blog spot on Huffington Post. As for me, I’m humbled and after meeting this force of nature, feeling pretty conservative these days… What can I say? A husband AND a girlfriend? That seems like an awful lot of work!

Jenny Block in St. Croix

One response to “Polyamorous Jenny

  1. I like your Jenny. What a marvelous gal she seems to be, one free of the fetters of humanity’s common hang-ups.

    Thank you for this post. It says much of your ability to look outside the box and see life for the diverse wonder it is rather than the constrained cookie cutter so many want to make it.

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