Parents oh behave!

Parents, sometimes you make my job so difficult. By the time your little angels look at me through my lens, it’s generally too late for any kind of behavioral change. Irreparable harm has been caused.

My number one pet peeve: the cheese smile. I’ll know it right away. I lift my camera to my eye for the first time and immediately the kid breaks into an uncomfortable smirk while the parent behind me, blissfully proud, goes: “Cheeeese!”

Cheese smile

Here is the thing – parents will never be happy with the photograph and it will take me at least 30 minutes to get a natural expression.

Cheesy smirk

Pet peeve numero Duo: refrain from tattooing your child with a big red dragon just before the session. It totally ruins any kind of romantic spin I’m trying to create.

Red dragon tat

And finally, pet peeve three, OMG what do your kids watch on TV?

Lilly shows her shoulder

Okay. It seems as if I am all indignant but in all honesty, the poses kids come up with crack me up! I just do not want the parents to think that I am in any way responsible for these seductive displays!

Kid striking a pose

2 responses to “Parents oh behave!

  1. Hello Nathalie,
    I enjoyed this post. Having carried out a number of photo sessions with youngsters, it brought a smile to my face knowing that the problems we face are universal.
    I advise parents with children, that a couple of sessions may be required, although I haven’t needed a second sitting to date. I have introduced a face pulling competition and kids really like this, it loosens them up; also showing them the lcd screen at the back of the camera helps too!
    All the best

  2. That made me chuckle!
    Surely you can photoshop out that dragon. LOL. What were they thinking?! What did she have on the other arm??

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