J’adore Paris!

I misbehaved greatly in Paris for the last two days. The worst “betise” (mistake) was to follow a group of funky Parisians met on a bridge (ON a bridge, not UNDER) through Paris until 5 o’clock in the morning. What resulted from the escapade was a whole 4 Gig card of photographs completely eradicated to make room for photographs of cookies at 4 am. A few hours later, you wake up in a semi-coma, realize what you have done and want to die.

Despite my great stupidity, I still LOVE Paris in the springtime. These are some of the reasons:

Lovers at the Luxembourg

Lovers on a bench

Hot man

Beautiful landscaping

Ton univers impitoyable

Parisians invariably showing you Dallas on Youtube and singing the song in French

Gay Paris

Funky gay Paris

Le Soir a Paris

Dancing Gay Paris at 3 am in the streets

More later…

3 responses to “J’adore Paris!

  1. You are a great photographer!
    The shots are well taken… and like Paris, so romantic.


  2. nathaliewithanh

    Thanks!!! I attempted to go on your blog page BUT there was some kind of language barrier which prevented me from grasping anything 😉

  3. Great photos as always, Nathalie! And at least now I know why I’ve not seen you at Starbucks…

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