Gege, Barbecue Warrior

The other day, I discovered my cousin Gege from Brussels was a barbecue warrior. I had never met one before. I feel honored we dispose of such hidden talents in the family.

Barbecue Warrior II


Barbecue warrior attack


Barbecue warrior salute


And just to show that the apple did not fall far from the tree as far as emoting goes, this is the son of the Barbecue Warrior, Nicolas:

Son of Barbecue Warrior

We are a family with character.

3 responses to “Gege, Barbecue Warrior

  1. Great fun set, I enjoyed the presentation of them too.

  2. nathaliewithanh

    Thanks Steve. My whole family is, how can put it mildly, original and provides a never-ending source of subjects…

  3. nice post.. and nice blog too 😉

    we love BBQ too!!

    Carne al fuoco – barbecue community

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