My brother sucks

I love my brother but, man, he can be such a twit. A photographer, mainly of portraits and nudes, he always takes special care of making his models look like glowing goddesses. When it comes to family, especially women in the family, he takes malign pleasure in exposing every wrinkle, every skin imperfection, and anything that makes you appear monstrous. He probably never got over his childhood and takes revenge now.

When he wants to act upon his urge to make you feel ugly, he’ll pretext to need a model to test his new lighting (camera, lens, reflector, fill in with what the humeur du jour dictates.) This time, I decided to get pro-active and do things differently.

La pendue

Now, that’s a portrait I can live with!

2 responses to “My brother sucks

  1. I love it! Fantastic way to take control of your photo session.

  2. I always knew, if given enough rope…

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