Paris, une nuit

The small things. The tiniest moments. They speak volumes. They tell the story of a night in Paris.


11:05 pm – Emeline and Polo – en apparte


11:06 pm – Pocahontas, well and alive in a bar

last walk

11:08 pm – toutou parisien in front of the bar

Polo a trop bu

11:50 pm – someone drank too much

La Smart

00:28 am – A lonely Smart

Interieur parisien

00:45 am – Parisian interior with typical Parisian “I heart Potatoes” sign

La tendresse

3:24 am – Catherine et JR – a tender moment

Smell my thyme

3:37 am – But JR, you MUST smell my home-grown thyme!


4:03 am – Foreigners visiting the Centre Pompidou


4:09 am – Nightclub – Notice the fan on the bar – no A/C

On the staircase

4:09 am – Strange encounter on nightclub’s staircase (she bit me later!!!)


4:44 am – Rapha with the glasses

Devant le Soir

5:13 am – French chick lying in front of the club


5:15 am – Exiting the scene

Voila. This is Paris!

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