A wrinkle-proof portrait

As mentioned in a previous post, my brother always attempts to enhance my least desirable features when he photographs me (unresolved childhood issues I surmise – he says he has forgiven me for the “past abuse when I was 7 and he was 4 and I stole his Action Jim and dressed him up with the Barbie doll clothes”, but I don’t believe he has quite yet.)

I have now found the perfect solution when I submit myself to his unforgiving lens.

Gas mask

Wicked, no?

3 responses to “A wrinkle-proof portrait

  1. That is a fantastic photo.


    I love the tone and tonal range in your photos.

  2. Thanks! My brother DID take it however I’ll take credit for photoshopping it. He is not allowed to anymore.
    I think this gas mask goes remarkably well with my complexion! I should really wear it more often 😉

  3. I have technical question for you. How are you scanning your 4×5 film ?

    I’ve tried putting mine on a light box and photographing them but I get very contrasty results.

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