Good children. Misbehavin’ adults.

When young children take me more seriously than their parents do, I know I am in for a wild ride.

From the onset, the kids appeared anxious to please me (a first!) and show their best profile.

Les petits

The parents and the grand-mother from California, on the other hand, were not inclined to follow suit.

The progressive granny almost fell in the river.

Falling in the river

The mom kept playing peek-a-boo with the stone structures of the park.


Grand-ma and son expressed a wish for a portrait together and made me wonder what kind of Christmas cards they sent to family and friends.


Still the children kept delivering… shot after shot.


Mr. T

The little mermaid

The Little Mermaid

The kiss

Then… the adults’ giddy spirit got to them.

Family portrait

And since the kids were already wet…


Final shot!

Wet portrait

So glad I did not have to put these little drenched ones in my car.

5 responses to “Good children. Misbehavin’ adults.

  1. I LOVE the frog shot!

    You’re just going to have to take a trip up to Maine some day so you can photo our kids!. Either that, or we’re coming to Dallas. I would really like some pictures like these, someday.

    The last photo says it all. That’s the kind of photo the kids will cherish well into their lives.

    Turkish Prawn.

  2. I agree about that last shot- kids as sprinklers. Excellent!
    They should be Seine and not heard.

    I would be happy to fall into a riverbed if YOU would capture it through your lens.

  3. Mr T is a great shot.

  4. Fantastic photos as ever!

  5. Those are amazing photos.

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