Charlotte and the Circus Pony, a True Story

There was once a traveling circus with a wee pot-bellied pony named Arthur. He was sweet, well-mannered, and eager to please.

Unfortunately, patrons preferred to see proud tigers flying through hoops of fire, Asian elephants balanced on colorful balls and myriads of whimsical monkeys riding tiny bicycles. No amount of wishful thinking could ever turn Arthur into a wild exotic animal.


So Arthur patiently awaited the ringmaster’s decision.

On a cold gray winter morning, Arthur traveled to the slaughterhouse. A dreadful place really…

That same morning, a young Mademoiselle named Charlotte drove by and saw the pot-bellied pony waiting in line for the butcher’s knife.

Arthur sitting

She offered him a carrot and he sat down, so she offered him a new life in her farm.

Arthur qui se cabre

Arthur may not be a wild tiger but his spirit has not been broken.

Arthur qui se couche

He may not be an Asian elephant but I think he enjoys performing much more.

Arthur qui se bat

He doubles up as a very comfortable divan.

The girlfriend

And Arthur the pot-bellied circus pony that almost died on a winter day also has the prettiest girlfriend ever. A girlfriend with the mane of a lion. What more could you ever wish for?

14 responses to “Charlotte and the Circus Pony, a True Story

  1. A really cute story.
    Are you sure –you– wrote it?


  2. Awwww….amd they all lived happily ever after.

  3. Cool pics. You find very interesting stuff to photograph. (I’m sure “stuff” is an official photography term.)
    p.s. I tagged you for a meme. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled.

  4. Chris, sure – I – wrote it. It’s the circus pony I photographed in May.

    For all of you readers, Chris is my obnoxious brother.

    Nezza, thanks for the comment. Arthur is actually quite happy. The only problem is that he has been trained with treats so as soon as you take him out of the stable, he drops down and play dead to get a carrot. Quite an entertaining little fellow!

    Matt, er, I’m thrilled.

  5. It’s amazing how close some animals come to being put down and it’s fortunate for them that they don’t have the intellect to realise it.

    I once lived in a four storey house in Toronto Canada with a guy who worked part time at night for the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection from Cruelty to animals). His job was to incinerate the stray animals that had been put down.

    The cats used to be drowned en masse in cages. One winter night he was shovelling his way through a huge mound of dead wet cats into the incinerator when he heard a faint mewing. In amongst all the wet bodies was a tiny little shivering and sodden grey kitten. It’s pathetic sight melted his heart so he spared it and brought it home.

    The kitten was justifiably terrified and when my house mate took him out of the warmth of his jacket, in his bedroom on the fourth floor, the kitten leapt free and jumped into an uncovered heating vent.

    The poor little kitten fell all the way down to the basement and furnace. We were sure the kitten was a goner but we could hear it’s faint mewing coming up the vent. So we ran down four stories and then down into the basement to the oil burning heating furnace.

    Luckily there was an “L” in the heating duct about 4 feet away from the furnace and we could hear the kitten scratching around inside trying to jump up away from the heat. The duct was quite hot.

    I ran back upstairs into the kitchen and got an old fashioned can opener and opened up the heating duct with it to cut the kitten out. Out it came like a shot all covered in soot.

    For sure that night, the kitten went through two of it’s nine lives.

  6. Guys that like kittens… Makes me melt. Not the part about the mass drowning (what century was that?)

    The slaughterhouse in Brussels was a pretty dreadful place when I lived there, manned by cruel men. I suppose it would be difficult to do the job if you still had a modicum of humanity left in you.

    Thanks for sharing your story Monsieur razz. You are a good man. Even with all of your pyromaniac tendencies…

  7. Love the photos and the crisp writing, wonderful:)

  8. What a happy way to start the day. Mille merci.

  9. I love these shots! They put a big ol’ smile on my face.

  10. Great Photographs and Story!


  11. I loved the story and pictures. You put both together so well.

  12. Elles s0nt magnifikee téé Photos x)

    Merci Elodie! Sympa ta visite. Ca me fait super plaisir d’avoir un commentaire en francais pour changer!

  13. georgina tragett

    great stuff you should start writing books for children I see you as the next J K Rowling

    Georgina, these would be big shoes to fill!!! Honored that you would think of me that way though… 🙂 Can I be as rich as her?

  14. Today hadn’t been too good – until I read this.

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