Mon six word memoir… or epitaph?

The problem with blogs is that you never know with whom you are dealing. You think your new blogpals are really nice. You exchange a few innocent comments. Then suddenly, wham, you are memed. Just like that.

My memor was Matt who got fired but they forgot to tell him. I take the poor thing under my precious little wing and all I get is friggin’ homework. So I’m tagged. Here are the rules of the game:

So many rules, so few words:

  • Write your own six word memoir.
  • Post it to your blog including a visual illustration if you would like.
  • Link to the person who tagged you in your post and to this original post if possible so we can track it as it travels across the blogsphere
  • Tag 5 more blogs with links
  • Don’t forget to leave a comment in the tagged blogs with an invitation to play

Here is my homework:

Shooting the stars

Now the memee becomes the memor. Here are my chosen victims (should they accept the challenge…):

  • Artist Extraordinaire Pat because she does not have enough projects going on,
  • Monsieur Turkish Prawn traveler fabuloso for his super high silliness quotient,
  • Painter Bonnie Luria my favorite Croatian on the whole earth and whom I knew before knowing her,
  • Traveler Epicurienne because she has a Monsieur therefore good taste and has promised to adopt me,
  • English Rose Nezza because she needs a visual project and shames me into mowing my lawn once in a while.

Voila. Don’t hate me. See it as an expression of your profound moi.

14 responses to “Mon six word memoir… or epitaph?

  1. Wow these meme thingeys must work as I found your blog from a few degrees away. Rockin’ homework! You get an A+. much more effort than I put forth! I will be back for more blog goodness.

  2. touche. Okay, that really doesn’t apply, but I just like saying it. Nicely done.

  3. Matt, I got to eat pink cotton candy all afternoon… without guilt! Fun assignment! Thanks.

  4. Khaaaaan! *shakes fist*

    Ok… Fine. I’ll get you for this Camera Lady!

    Turkish Prawn 😉

  5. Maleesha, thanks for visiting my blog and evaluating my homework. Your blog cracked me up. Sorry about the douchebag MIL. This too shall pass…

  6. Monsieur Prawn, of course I was going to meme you. I would have memed the Cheese too but he was already taken. And Monsieur Razz, I could not steal from Madame Pat.

    See it as an opportunity to let out all that buried deep-down silliness of yours… It’s therapy time! Woohoo!!!

  7. No one but the Devil in Prada made you do this….but I’ll accept.
    I’m a sucker for being someones’ favorite anything.
    If George Carlin ( miss him already ) could build a career on 7 words, surely I can come up with 6.

    My visual will never be as framboised’ looking as you, missy, floating next to the very satellite that connects us, in a pink track suit eating bon-bons.
    I wish I could do ” la Meme Chose” but I’ll struggle with just la meme.

    Thanks, I think.

  8. Definitely one of the best illustrations I’ve seen yet, how fun! Thanks for playing my meme, I enjoyed your blog, you are a first class photographer:)

  9. Bonnie, I was not wearing a track suit for Pete’s sake. It is a woman’s parachutist outfit and totally what I would don jumping from a plane – which will never happen if I have any say in the matter. How about painting a self-meme for us, eh?

    Bookbabie, I thoroughly enjoyed playing your meme although the ping thing is completely throwing me off… I’m sure you’ll guide me as my memees complete their memes d’art.
    Thanks for your compliment and come back to visit… Sans work this time!

  10. Okay, Adoptee, count me in!
    You’ve had me thinking about the 6 word thing all day. Be prepared. You want Euro? You got Euro. My inspiration for this one is Chagall…

  11. Dear Epicurienne, I’m looking forward to your meme. I adore Chagall so I know it will be fabulous!
    It’s not “You want Euro? You got Euro.” Right? I mean it could very well be, but it would not be very Chagallian…

  12. FYI, I certainly never said I was nice. (I usually am, though). Also, it looks like a track suit.

  13. Matt, it-is-not-a-track-suit. It boasts 7 special pockets for parachute operations and while I would never jump from a plane in a stupid track suit, I totally would with my special pants. I just elect not to.
    Go get a job, you kidney transplant slacker…

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