Nude is beautiful

Boudoir photography: what a delicate affair! What an awesome responsibility entrusted in my petite hands!

I like my subject nude. I believe the woman makes a statement with her body, not Victoria Secret or La Perla.

Nude 5

I like my subject nude, baring all, yet showing nothing.

Nude 2

I like my subject nude, an empty canvas for me to paint.

Nude 3

Sexy can be in the eyes,

Nude 4

Or in a bit of drama,

Nude 6

Or simple curves…

Nude 7

I think some men may prefer to see photographs of their girlfriends or wives pre-packaged in lingerie and showing cleavage or boobs, a more pin-up version of boudoir I suppose, but frankly, I suck at that. I don’t have the feel for it. I want to show beauty, art, sensuality, and in the words of Colbert, truthiness.

32 responses to “Nude is beautiful

  1. I think I prefer the 1st photograph, not only for the unusual angle the shot was taken, but for the way depth of field has been used.

  2. My wife posed with a professional photographer for nudes when she was 22. The photographer was male, and his wife was his assistant.

    I wasn’t there for the shoot. She said that it took all of her nerve to drop her cover when he was ready. By the time the shoot was done she was much more comfortable, both in front of the camera and in her own skin.

    That was 20 years ago, and was one of the most positive experiences of her life. I’m so glad she didn’t do the pre-packaged lingerie shots you describe above. Between dating and marriage we have been together nearly 28 years. The professional nudes she had done in 1988 capture so much more of the true woman she was.

    And if you look in her eyes, you can see that the photographer has captured the woman she would become.

    Much as you’ve done with your model here.

  3. Well done.

    There are many beautiful things in this world, but I don’t think anything has inspired so much art as the female form.

    The last shot is my favorite. It’s sexy, beautiful, unflinching and shows strength and presence.

    Very well done, indeed.

    Turkish Prawn

  4. Yesbuts – I think my favorite is the second – for the composition.

    Crash 8088, I love to see the look on the women’s faces when they see themselves through my lens. The adorable woman who agreed to have her photographs posted here is not a model. She has been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder and thinks of herself as unattractive. She bawled when she saw her prints. She could not believe it was her. I think it was the best therapy session EVER. Now, that makes my day. It made the day of her husband too.
    Thanks for sharing your story. I bet you enjoy a fantastic relationship.

    Monsieur Prawn, always a pleasure to have your visit. Female nudes are one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Nudes and kids. Go figure! The vulnerability perhaps… I get contacted by men too, but I can’t bring myself to try it. I cannot shake the image of George Costanza in his boxer short and wife beater posing on the settee…

    To all who have posted comments about volunteering assistant services, for absolutely free, and even volunteering to pay me to be my assistant, I have to respectfully decline. I will however keep your name on file for the next toddler session.

  5. This is such a gorgeous series. Whatever disorder this beautiful woman may have had about herself, she ought to reconsider after seeing herself as you’ve shown her.

    I won’t even choose which one since it would be like choosing a pastry in a Viennese Bakery….

    You’ve given someone a new set of eyes to see themselves with- how amazing is THAT?

  6. Adoptee,

    these photos are a credit to
    1. your eye and sensitivity and
    2. the courage of the subject. How wonderful to be able to help her see herself in a new and more positive way. She is beautiful.

    Also wanted to let you know that I’m whacking you on my blogroll. Too rude not to have my Adopted Dallas Photographer there…

  7. Fantastic Portraits!

  8. Bonjoooooooour!!!! 🙂
    Interesting post up about nude photography and nude in general.

  9. Bonnie, thank you. Viennese bakeries… I’ll let her know you compared her to a strudel. I’m sure she’ll be flattered!

    Adoptor, to tell to truth, it was not a herculean task to bring out her beauty! I can hardly take credit. I’ll whack you too. Bien sur! Bonjour a Monsieur!

    Hello newcomer Jim – thanks! Love your photographs. Spent a very interesting 30 minutes watching you work. I feel much better about my nerdity.

  10. once again – great photos

  11. These are most delightful. They capture the beauty of the female figure in such a gentle way. Breathtaking. There is warmth and softness, depth and subtly, sensuality without being obtrusive. It is grace. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Very sensual. Love the “bit of drama” one. Best thing: Not a track suit to be found. 🙂

  13. Magnificent, Nathalie! Truly magnificent! Imagination is the best aphrodisiac; you provide the fuel for that flame with this kind of photography.

  14. She has beautiful eyes.

    I think that they are all pretty good shots except the one with the rose. It just seems a bit cliché and you’re better than that.

    Just a bit of constructive criticism from your “other” (the idiot one) brother in photography.

  15. Your blog is wonderful, each picture better than the rest. I am so impressed by the beauty — the children are some of my favorites!

  16. WarriorWitch, thank you. Hope all the exercise works for you. With your kinds of Adonis-related motivation, I’d be at the gym twice a day as well.

    Intoxicologist, your compliments were music to my ear! I should hire you for therapy moments or you could just fix me up some wonderful cocktails – that would work quite nicely too!

    Meat, I swear I just want to ring your precious little neck. BTW, your lovely wife is right – you don’t write nearly enough. I surmise Allison Meat would make a lovely nude subject (that’s without a track suit, bien entendu!)

    Jason, you write about my photography with the same love you bestow upon your wasps. I’m honored.

    Razzbuffnik, you totally crushed my feelings and fragile ego, but I concede you may have a point. So now I have an idiot brother and a brother that sucks. I should ask Pamajama what she would do about that…

    Pamajama, you put the capital D back in Dysfunctional and the capital O in Outrageous. After reading your stories, I feel so much better about my own family. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment.

  17. Sensual.

  18. Wow, again, some great photos! I can’t imagine your subject thinking she is not pretty, she’s gorgeous and you definitely captured that. Great work.

  19. hey, your photos are very well done!


  20. “you totally crushed my feelings and fragile ego”

    That wasn’t my intention but motherhood statements aren’t going to be useful to you.

  21. Love the shots 🙂

  22. WMT, thanks for leaving me a comment. For the record, giving you a hard time is one of my favorite activities in the whole wide blogosphere.

    Diana, each time you leave a comment, I’m reminded of that dollar I refused to send you! I know it defies the imagination to believe she does not see herself as pretty. I guess you could equate it to an 80 lb anorexic girl viewing herself as obese.

    Thank you Justin! I need to send you an email about how to link your username to your blog.

    Razz, I was only giving you a hard time… but I learned a new expression: motherhood statement. I had to look it up. For a minute there, I thought you were confused about gender!

    Planetross, あなたの訪問を持つ常に喜び

  23. Now, my dead mother is simply wrestling with this keyboard as I type because well, she is the woman after all, who literally wouldn’t leave a burning building until she had freshened her makeup true story…but, she’s dead and I’ alive and in charge now so I’m going to ask…Nudity and face make-up sometimes conflict with their messages to me. This woman is obviously beautiful (whether she thinks so or not) and perhaps, like my mother, would simply not agree to be photographed without make-up. But, for me, I’d love to see her natural eyes, face, her fantastic body, all unadorned! I have never done this type of photography so I’m asking really. It’s almost as if the make-up distracts from her beauty. I wouldn’t say that if she was wearing clothes, I don’t think. But, I have zero experience in this type of photography so I’m just asking. PS I am the woman who had wrinkle creme all over her face along with fresh lipstick and pearls, so consider the source.

  24. Hi beautiful Pat (even with wrinkle cream), I understand your point but there is a fine line, I think, between boudoir and artistic nude. I feel I may take my boudoir sessions a bit on the side of the artistic nude but it still has to remain about the client, not the photography.

    When I hire a model, I’m completely in charge of the end result. It’s about my needs as a photographer.

    When I have a client for a boudoir session, this is their moment. I’m instrumental, sure, but I have to marry my vision with theirs (they have seen my portfolio so we’re generally not too far apart.) Most of the time, they do opt for a make-up artist. They want to feel glamorous. They want to feel different than in their every day life.
    What I won’t do is airbrush imperfections such as scars for example. It’s part of them.

    In this particular instance, we agreed on a mild smoky eye. I think the make-up artist went a little bit overboard, but I was still happy with the ensuing photographs.

    If it had been an artistic nude session, I think I would have photographed her very differently. I might have photograph her hands, a shoulder, her scars, none of which require make-up, and none of which she would have ever purchased!

    I hope you feel better after this past sad week. If not, have Epicurienne come over and make crepes for you. I make an extremely mean crepe flambee too (the key to the heart of many of my sweet-tooth boyfriends), but I’m stuck at home until my sweet senile dogs die (so it will have to be Epicurienne.)

  25. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that one day someone would look for me on the internet using the following terms in the search engine:

    nathalie boobs

    and actually find me. Quite an achievement! I can die happy now.

  26. Oh, I’m a thinkin’ you should change your screen name, aren’t you?


  27. Well Pat, the screen name is just a beginning: my logo probably needs to be revamped as well.

  28. Yes Nathalie, Nude is most definitely beautiful, as are your portraits, and as is your subject.

    Thank you for sharing these with us.

  29. carloslopezphotography

    Wonderful pictures.

    Thank you very much!

  30. Wow… beautiful shots of a beautiful lady.

    Excellent work, Nath.

    Meanwhile, nude isn’t always beautiful. In fairness to you.. you haven’t seen me in such state.

  31. The fit, fully nude, fully exposed, human form is the true art form.
    outstanding works Nathalie, thanks,

  32. The fit, fully nude,fully exposed, human form is the true art form.

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