Carte Blanche? To moi? Are you NUTS?

Fair warning to potential clients: if given carte blanche, I might come up with something you had not quite expected!

On a very fine morning, Mr. Shinn bestowed upon me the honor of designing a surprise birthday gift for his lovely wife. After meeting him and his hilarious 22 year old son Blake, I quickly realized the word “conventional” would be stricken out of the thesaurus for this specific project (oh twist my arm!) Compelling all funny and outrageous synapses to come forward and volunteer for the mission, I decided to create a Funky Blake Calendar.

Some of the most “daring” concepts were discussed prior to execution, then the photographs of Blake were taken.

The Shinns nicely agreed to let me share with you some of the different months, so here we go:

Absolut Shinn


Le Cri


Blake Rockwell


Faberge Egg

June (with girlfriend now ex-girlfriend. Oops.)



Statue de la Liberte malade


Yoko and Blake


For good measure, the month of December featured the infamous Mr. Shinn himself:



This happened four years ago. Mrs. Shinn was GREATLY amused. I am told the calendar still lies prominently on the living room coffee table.

10 responses to “Carte Blanche? To moi? Are you NUTS?

  1. Four years ago and you still were unbridled.
    January was hysterical.

    Between you and Single for a Reason, the photo world is tres amusant.

    I do wish your Jack Russells’ many years to come, and when that time has past, you are coming to St. Croix before MY boudoir shots will have to be done behind a scrim of Kryptonite!
    I’ll have to order a carte blanche calender then, I guess.

    Another fabulous post, there.

  2. I’ve never liked that John Lennon photograph. Always kinda creeped me out. Now it’s just wrong, so horribly wrong.

  3. As a horror enthusiast and general crazy person, I LOVE the December one. I’m jealous!

  4. Dearest Bonnie, It is time for you to go home. I miss you! I hope to see you in the nude before your Kryptonite days! If my Jack Russells go on living forever just to spite me (which they probably will because of the wickedness of the breed), you can pick whatever body you want for your calender shoot. January: Ursula Andress; February: Bo Derek, etc.

    WIGSF, it’s so horribly wrong it’s good!

    Oh Matt, I’m so glad you recognized the movie! Apparently a lot of people ask Monsieur Shinn what he is doing in the bathtub.

  5. oh! I like your style! I like it very very much 🙂

  6. WTH! hahaha wow! Very entertaining!

  7. FANTASTIC!!!! You can see from the December pic that Mr Shinn is a laugh a minute. As for his son, chip off the old block. Absolut Shinn… Absolutely brilliant!

  8. OMG! I remember these, but seeing them here is like seeing them for the first time. Glorious and uproarious!

  9. hej there again.
    could I pelase post your blogaddress on mine? I just want to show my friends, what a gifted photographer is able to see…
    you are my fav “page” 🙂
    have a wonderful day…

  10. You are extremely talented! Every one of these photos is amazing (and I’m talking every blog you have on this site…not just the photoshopped ones). I’m assuming you have GOT to be a professional. Either that or you work in the beer tasting business…

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