Bed Head Colleen

Strolling in Curtis Park, I saw a little girl with crazy hair.

Look: it’s bed head Colleen!

Hair made of straw, eyes made of sky

A dimpled smile

Daddy will need weapons

21 responses to “Bed Head Colleen

  1. Nat, a question: If you take photographs of kids, do you have to get the parents permission in writing if you post it on the net? In taking images of kids on my fourth of July Photo Essay, I managed some beautiful shots of kids, having asked their parents for permission verbally on some, but I never show faces so far, unless it’s my own kids. Or are these shots here part of your business? They’re cute.

  2. You’ve either given her eyes a nice sharpening or she’s a witch. Well, which is it?

  3. I think daddy’s going to need a moat and possibly a dragon too. This is what I fear the most being the dad of a baby girl. Luckily, I’ll have Short Stack to run interference.

    -Turkish Prawn

  4. Amazing eyes; hers and yours for spotting her 🙂

  5. O. My. O. My.

    Stories could be written about this girl. On these photographs alone.

  6. I agree with w1kkp…this little girl should have her own book series…like Fancy Nancy or something! Great photos…as usual!

  7. Too cute! And sadly, I suddenly got worried about my daughter’s teen years and the possible suitors (such as 18 year-olds with motorcycles and a bunch of piercings). Anyway, yes this kid’s father has some worried on his hands. Another awesome post.

  8. Does this little peanut even realize what you’ve brought out in her!
    Sweetiegirlz brings up a good point, with internet and child photos having the potential to look ” funny ” in someone’s mind.

    Once again, you got some great photos.

  9. there is no doubt that you have the ‘eye’ for spotting the unusual and the unique.

    you’ve done it again.

  10. I like the first shot the most. She looks so knowing for her years.

  11. Thanks everybody!

    Sweetiegirlz, are you in the US? Laws varies according to countries, but this is how I proceed. For stock photography, I always get a model release. For photos at a public event, fine to display on net. Anything commercial generally requires authorization. If you are a guy and start photographing little kids without talking to the parents first, you might get kicked around a bit, if not stoned! As a general rule, for any kid I photograph, I usually ask for parent permission. These shots were just as I said, a chance encounter in a park… but I wish I had had more than 5 minutes with her.

    Magnum: she’s a witch. Pale blue eyes with black edges. A dream!

    Mr. Prawn, I hear an Uzi works pretty well although my father had a colt and that was enough to give pneumonia to the guy stuck on my balcony one winter night!

    Ross, I’m actually blind as a BAT! It was the hair that completely got to me at first.

    Pat and Allan, I wish I had had her long enough to imagine a story. Who knows? Maybe her mom will contact me…

    Yeah Matt, let me repeat: U-ZI. By the time she is 18, you’ll be lucky if she’s not the one pierced everywhere and riding in the sunset on her Ducati!

    Bonnie, I gave the mom my blog address but that was weeks ago. She may have lost patience with me. I am forever backed up on my work. Pat was talking about blogging taking over reading – in my case, it has taken over working!

    Thank you WarriorWitch! I have the eye if I get really close to my subject! Perhaps it is why I play so much with depth of field – to me, everything is pretty much a blur.

    Razz, yes. Often, parents get a little surprised when they see photographs of their little girls. Little girls play with their seduction as much as adults, if not more. I find it fascinating!

  12. WOW! How lovely… your pictures are beautiful.

  13. Absolutely stunning.
    I love your phrase
    “hair made of straw. Eyes made of sky.” It adds so much to the already beautiful imagery.

    My Dad used to threaten to buy an electric cattle prod – quite appropriate for someone growing up in New Zealand.

  14. Mommy of Mayhem – Thank you so much for liking my photographs and for your visit. I checked out your blog. You are spunky! and quite literal if I may add…

    Epic, your dad had a cattle prod and you ended up with a Frenchman. I bet your father wants a refund!
    Thanks for the sweet comment.

  15. Awww! As the mom of this particular bed headed child, I’m wiping away the tears of joy that are streaming down my face! When Nathalie approached me that morning asking permission to take pictures, my first thought was “ooh, but her hair is a mess and the scar on her head still hasn’t healed from scraping it in the swimming pool a few weeks ago!” For the most part as a parent, YOU think your children are the most beautiful things on this earth, but you want others to only see them at their best. You all have opened my eyes and made me see that Colleen’s ordinary everyday look is beautiful, not only to me and her dad, but also to others. Thanks to all of you, and mostly to you, Nathalie, for making a mother’s heart swell with pride. Also, Nathalie, I looked over your blog a few weeks ago and ALL of your pictures are absolutely breath taking…as a wannabe photographer, I can only dream of someday taking shots as fabulous as yours!

  16. Aha Kristy!!!! I’m so happy you get to see your little star. I had a cute photograph of Bradley too but it just did not fit in the story. I made you cry. Awesome! That’s the best absolute part of my job. Email to follow…

  17. As the proud grandfather, I assumed everybody knew she was beautiful. Now the world knows!
    Remarkable photos, you did great job and I thank you for sharing Collen with the world.

  18. Janelle LeMaire

    She is beautiful. Don’t know what her dad looks like, but she gets those eyes from her gramsie. Now, don’t know where those beautiful lips come from.

  19. As Colleen’s paternal Grandparents, we have ALWAYS known how gorgeous Colleen is, right from the start.. Have told my son many times he will need a shotgun in the near future.. Your beautiful photo’s brought tears to our eyes as well!!!
    Gramma and Grampa…

  20. I am the proud uncle of the beautiful bed head girl. She is in fact as beautiful in person as she is in these incredible photos. As the proud father of my own beautiful daughter, her dad can borrow a shotgun anytime he pleases. Also have two sons that would gladly stand in as bodyguards!

  21. Ok, Colleen’s family, I think that Uncle John has it covered. The shotgun and the two bodyguards ought to do the trick. Just please give me a buzz when the showdown takes place. I am very interested in documenting the event. Hopefully, won’t happen for a few years.
    Thanks for all your very sweet comments. The pleasure was all mine!

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