Mr. Shinn Takes me to an Obama Rally

My client Mr. Shinn calls me on my cell, rudely interrupting my nap time on a St. Croix beach. He has the voice of someone left on the continent, someone desperately in need of a vacaycay. Stressed out. Edgy. Caffeinated.

“Yo, Nat, What are you doing Saturday morning?”

“Oh Mr. Shinn, I don’t know. Probably getting the sleep I have not been able to find on this island.”

“No you are not. I am taking you to an Obama rally.”

“For real?” I reply slightly incredulous. I knew the senator was scheduled to speak in Dallas on Thursday while I was still on the island (our secretaries must have not communicated efficiently in regard to our respective schedules), but I had no idea about Saturday’s speaking engagement.

I am a politics nut. I work from home and listens to MSNBC all day long. Right, left, center, center right, center left, I’m all ears. With certain limits though. I do not indulge in commentators who advocate the use of little loofah things in the shower nor do I pay any attention to commentators who must subject to random drug testing. An Obama rally? I was stoked (the expression is a remnant of too much X Games watching.)

Saturday morning, Mr. Shinn picks me up at Starbucks and drives me downtown to City Hall. I look like Tintin the reporter. I’m equipped. Recorder? Check. Camera? Check. Chicken lens? Check. Uber Sport lens? Check.

Approaching the area, I am surprised at the lack of traffic, the lack of security, the abundance of parking spots, and a subdued crowd of ten lost souls on the plaza.

I landed at 2 am that same morning, have had three hours of sleep tops, and it does not look as if Mr. Obama and I are going to have a conversation over tea and crumpets any time soon. Mr. Shinn looks rather sheepish. He goes to investigate.

THERE IS AN OBAMA RALLY! Except… Sans Monsieur Obama. The speech he gave Thursday night will now be replayed on loudspeakers in-its-entirety. Wooptifriggindoo!

I look at Mr. Shinn. I look at the beautiful Henry Moore sculptures on the plaza. The man owes me. I point a vengeful finger:

“Mr. Shinn, go love Henry!”

Mr. Shinn took me to an Obama rally and all I got was this lousy photograph.

17 responses to “Mr. Shinn Takes me to an Obama Rally

  1. Your secretary didn’t give you the correct message- she meant to say a No-bama rally.
    It’s still always better to be owed one than to be even.

    And you got a great photo out of the deal.

  2. Bonnie, my secretary simply failed to inform Mr. Obama’s secretary to coordinate his appearances with my busy schedule. It is regrettable and I fired her immediately. Poof.

    A No-Bama rally. I wish I had thought of that one. Excellent!

    I am trying to get Mr. Shinn to blog. Although he has no Belgian blood that we know about, he feels that he is always right (which is solely my job.) He would be an interesting blogger. I’ve asked his wife to tell him to blog. she might have better means of persuasion.

  3. Well…why in the world would you want to hear Barack OSpears Hilton speak? Oh wait…sorry ’bout that…I mean Obama…

    Maybe because he’s gonna be our next President?

  4. Wow, that sculpture! How hot must that thing get in Dallas?? Maybe you could suggest terms of payback to your people and Mr. Schinn: they float the idea of Moore and outside sculptures (The Bean in Chicago) to be considered as alternative energy sources? This ethanol thing ain’t working out and more drilling? C’mon. Art as Fuel? Yes, indeed. Personally, I feel a blog comin’ on. How about you? We could have the “Art as Fuel” blog smackdown? Invite Obama to be the judge? To speak? To rally?


    Caffeine just kicked in, can you tell?

  5. No-Bama rally. LOL

  6. Why is everyone making fun of Obama’s name?

    Mr. Shinn’s name is the funny one!

    I’m sure he’s said, “let’s have a game of shinny” to his wife 🙂

    Maybe the master bedroom is called the “Shin Bin” 🙂

    When he was a bachelor, maybe he lived in the “Shin Pad”.

    That name should be used in James Bond movies!!! “Mr. Shin! I will cut him off at the knees”. 🙂

  7. Allan, I cannot get into a political debate on this blog because I promised myself I would not alienate Texas and the blog is linked to my website. I will tell you this though: I think that Brit-Brit should open the democratic convention. How funny would that be!

    Pat, I’ve always wanted a Henry Moore sculpture on top of my miata. I’ve thought briefly about The Bean (The Big Shiny Thing in Millenium Park) but with my last name, I cannot afford to drive around with something that looks even remotely like a little sausage adornment.

    Querulous, I know. Bonnie nailed it.

    Ross, you are going to feel so sorry you made fun of Mr. Shinn’s name (boy am I glad you do not know mine!)
    Just yesterday, I was having a phone conversation with him, trying to convince him to start a blog, and I sent him links to yours. When he saw the content of your fridge, I think my very happily married Mr. Shinn immediately developed a huge mancrush. I do not know that he’ll blog but he LUUUUVES you. I think he may even have had the onset of a wee erection but I cannot say for sure.

  8. the whole situation was funny. maybe not so much for you but funny anyway.

    so now is my turn: your big Shin-dig wasn’t …..oh…., bom-bas-tic?

    how’d I do?

    ……….I tried.

  9. I think you also need a ” vacaycay”… :-/

  10. Warriorwitch, when Mr. Shinn starts blogging, I assure you you’ll regret making fun.

    My brother that sucks, why can’t you just suck in silence?

  11. That sculpture is amazing. You’d need a very large mantlepiece for that though. And you’d definitely have to move the little plastic cat out the way. ;o)

  12. Hooray! Mr Shinn of Calendar fame! You’re right. The man should blog. He’s got a great sense of humour and the faith to do whatever you ask him, like hug a Moore! Good fellow.
    As for PlanetRoss’s comments, I think maybe “Shinny-dipping” could be another term to add to the Shinn-tionary.

  13. Nezza, yep, I love that sculpture and anything by Henry Moore. Pat thought I should put it on top of my car, but relly, the mantle piece is not a bad idea. Just have to buy a castle, that’s all. The cat is not going anywhere.

    Epicurienne, I can say for sure that you have now officially joined PlanetRoss and WarriorWitch on Mr. Shinn’s Shinn list.
    The guy is warped. The whole family is. Including the 90 year-old mother-in-law.

  14. 107 degrees in Dallas? I’d probably opt for the pre-recorded message as well.

  15. Magnum, it just means the dude has to wear very little clothing as we all do. Speedos would be good.
    Seriously, this heat is ridiculous. We look fried.

  16. Just a quickie – does Mr Shinn read our comments? if he does and he’s still talking to you, I think he’s even more of a good sport than we realised. Meanwhile, we’re all very Shinn-ful people for not being kinder. I am a Shinn-er! and proud of it. Have you Shinn-ed recently? Oh no. I don’t think I can stop Shinn-ing!!!
    Poor guy. He’s probably been hearing all these things since grade school.

  17. I am late for an appointment now because I can’t quit reading your blog. Argh.

    When I get the flex capacitor working properly on my time machine, I’ll ask Mr. Henry Moore himself to produce your aforementioned trophy. Until then, you’ll have to be patient.

    As for the heat, I’m using it as an excuse to prescribe more frequent dosages of ice cream to myself.

    Kristan, in regard to the lateness due to your inability to quit reading my blog, this is what I would call a positive problem. A Moore Boob Trophy? Awesome. I’ll be patient!

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