He’s Fierce, He’s Flamboyant, He’s Attack Chihuahua

Soooo, Mister Chihuahua, you are currently seeking gainful employment in the field of law enforcement. You list on your application Homeland Security, police or border patrol, minute men, bounty hunter sniffing partner. Mmmhmmm. Could you give me a demonstration of the ferocity?

Ah very well. Quite convincing. Now, are you aware of the benefits attached to a life of leisure?

Oh I see I got your attention. Benefits include but are not limited to medical, dental, two meals a day, walks, raccoon hunting in the yard, lap time, TV time. Sleeping with a hot babe if you are lucky. Could be a big hairy dude. I won’t lie. There are inherent risks attached to the transaction.

Sign you up? But certainly…

Mighty Pepsi the Attack Chihuahua resides in an animal hospital and is currently up for adoption in Dallas, Texas. The little booger comes quasi-complete (the testicles had to go) with full history of abuse and neglect. The usual. The dog needs a lot of socialization work and could definitely benefit from a foster home environment if a good soul provided one.

If you live in the area and are interested in adopting or fostering Pepsi, please leave a comment and I will contact you with further information.

10 responses to “He’s Fierce, He’s Flamboyant, He’s Attack Chihuahua

  1. Cute dog…but I don’t live in Dallas and I like Coke.

  2. Eh! I’m just trying to do my part in a responsible society here. You do not qualify anyway. Small kids are not indicated around that dog. I am referring to your kids, not you. You are a big kid.

  3. Hey. Chihuahahs! Koochie Koochie. Didn’t that woman who said that always carry one of these things?

    Anyway, on to camera question. Have been thinking of upgrading or replacing my CanonD10. (I have bad shoulders so weight of camera and lens is always a problem now) I was thinking of a used Leica M8. I know the downside…rangefinder, no autofocus, etc…but the high quality of images and the ease of it are very appealing. Thoughts? I asked Razzman, too. He’s just bought a new DSLR.

  4. Put THAT mug on a few milk containers and that little mugster will be going home with just the right sapster.

    Loved the photos and the running commentary. Of course.

    Pat is referring to Charo- Xavier Cugats’ missus’ who sort of predated Rihanna and her ilk.

    Good going with the social conscience for dog and man, ( well, dog ) and if given the HUGE coverage of your Internationally known blog, that pup should be sleeping in Pratesi sheets by the weekend.

  5. Pat, are you sure you do not need an attack chihuahua in your life? I can ship that one to you in not time!

    So, your question. mmhmm. What to say, what to say? Well, first of all, with the Leica M8, the jpeg quality is sub-par, you can only shoot RAW if you want the quality. You also need filters on all your lenses because of the infrared/uv sensitivity. You have no DOF preview. I think it is overpriced. The lenses will kill you. Then again, sharp detail (no anti-alias filter), fab bokeh (from the lens)… If you can afford it, it’s quite an experience… if you are willing to do away with jpegs.
    It really depends on your overall budget, what you are looking for and what you are shooting (no telephoto lenses for the M8.)
    Have you looked at the Nikon D700?

  6. Bonnie, I’m the writer of the “internationally known blog” and I don’t sleep in Pratesi sheets. What could I do to change that, I wonder? Put myself up for adoption?

    I hope the little shit gets a home. There are three more canines waiting for the right people in that hospital including their blood donor. I’m not sure it will do any good but I’ll put the others on my blog too. you just never know.

    Wonder why Charo is named Charo? Because her real name is María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza Rasten. I would change my name to Charo too!

  7. Seriously. I know your expertise is photography, but Charo? You are amazing. Thanks for camera thoughts.

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  9. Brilliant post. And the pictures are wonderful too.

  10. What animal hospital is he up for adoption at? I am looking for a chi in my life….

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