Arrrr, Me Hearty, Avast Ye!

“No patterns, no stripes.” These are my basic guidelines before a photo session. Mind you, after imparting these few words of wisdom to parents, I have seen a kid show up in a striped outfit with a huge pumpkin pattern on the front… but I was definitely not prepared for the one who showed up with the pirate outfit.

I had forgotten about red head Zane. Yesterday, PlanetRoss (who seems in dire need of a vacation to get over his vacation if I may say) left a comment about how much of a sucker he was for the “I was born on a pirate ship pose” and Zane came to mind.

A cute kid, that Zane. Red hair, tons of freckles, huge hazel eyes. A bit tentative. A bit shy.

I thought that the pattern on the tee-shirt would be a little distracting, but the kid was so photogenic that in the end, it worked out. Still, despite emptying my usual bag of tricks, it remained difficult to get him to act natural.

Then, shiver me timbers! Zane’s father dug out a pirate outfit from a bag. I think my eyes narrowed into wee Belgian slits and I probably contorted my mouth in an expression of “you have to be kidding me” but one look at the kid, and I promptly snapped back to my usual adorable self (I assure you I am quite sweet.)

Suddenly, someone acted like a kid again.

By the Powers! He could not be stopped.

The’e is no nay ne’er a way to replicate that kind of joy without a great grand swashbuckling outfit. In the end, I managed to sit him down two minutes for a portrait with his father and lass Lindsey, but even then, he stayed in character.

I have never believed in gimmicks. I feel that if you are going to display a family portrait next to the Ugly Yellow Plastic Cat on your mantle, the photograph will travel through time much better if faces are the only things that draw attention. It pains me greatly to say this but I was wrong. My hearties will tell you that even when I’m wrong, I’m usually still quite right… But in this case, I’m eatin’ a whole bag of crow.

10 responses to “Arrrr, Me Hearty, Avast Ye!

  1. I like the “eating crow” tag 🙂

    Zane is the man! I think all kids must have the magical “imaginary character” button somewhere. I had an Evil Knievel imaginary button for a few years 🙂

  2. Ma fille, what wonderful energy that tri-corner hat seems to have injected into weeny Zane. The word ‘gleeful’ springs to mind. Aye, aye an’ so it does.

  3. Mmmmmmm…crow tastes like chicken…

  4. I love it! Children will be children and nary an adult will fully understand their ways, but by golly you found the magic in Zane that turned mundane boredom into contagious vivacity.

    Right even when you’re wrong? It never would have occurred to me…

  5. I have GOT to get Short Stack a pirate outfit! Then the darkness will shiver at his mighty swash and buckle!

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. wow, what a transformation! That kid’s gotta become an actor when he grows up. Pirates of the Caribbean 7, maybe?

    And – thanks for the new phrase, “eating crow’. I’m always on the watch for an free English lesson.

  7. The power of a good wardrobe mister or mistress was never lost on the Oscars.
    Doesn’t hurt to have an Oscar worthy directress/producer/photographer, either.

    Doesn’t a hat put a person into character immediately.
    Hey, there’s a theme for you and Pat.
    If you were a hat, which kind would you be?

    My ideas are free to the public, like Wikipedia…….

  8. planetross: My first image header was that of a dead crow in a plate (death courtesy of The Alligator.) It was a bit dark (I really liked it!) I’m quite sure you are still made of imaginary buttons.

    Epic: Bon, tu te magnes un peu pour mes papiers bordel! I’m tired of being a daughter of a biscuit!

    Alan: I’m sure you know the taste.

    Jason: My blog is so not the place for your sarcasm. You know I’m right.

    Mr. Prawn: I’m sure the pirate outfit will fit in nicely with the cigar. Seriously, it is a marvelous idea. Pirate outfit to fend off the spooky shadows? It might work.

    Nava: Eating crow is not a phrase that you would want to use referring to yourself. What is it that you speak if I may ask?

    Bonnie: I’d be one of my ski hats. Weird, funky, spiky. Happy! Thanks for the complimentary ideas. I always appreciate the zaniness… and how you put others to work! Go write another post islander slacker!

  9. I like the fourth shot the best. It really evokes the spirit of being a little boy.


  10. Oh, I just love this transformation!! Do you have sound on that D5? I bet he was saying “Aye, Maties!” somewhere on this road from tentative to swashbuckler.

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