The Kid Was Hot Last Night

Last night, I was a very important person. That’s what my badge said and I’ll stick to it.

It all started a little earlier that afternoon when my friend Dorin, the rock nerd, sent me a cryptic email: “Would you like to stay up late tonight?” I was of course immediately suspicious. If I said yes, I would have to go along with whatever she had in mind. The alternative being to stay home writing posts for your selfish entertainment, I agreed. Dorin invited me to see Loverboy play at The Glass Cactus. Sweeeet!

I think Dorin is Canadian. She is not but she would make a mighty fine Canuck. She has known the members of Loverboy for ten years and never misses a show. I, on the other hand, while owning the ultimate Canadian survival kit, did not know anything about the band besides the tidbits imparted by her here and there.

They are very popular in North America, but as far as I know, never quite made it across the Atlantic. I briefly had had sushi with the drummer Matt Frenette and the sound engineer, Jerry Wong, last year, but had never heard them play before.

What was also completely hilarious was the fact that last month, planetross and I discovered that we both knew Jerry. What are the odds?

When Dorin and I arrived at The Cactus, we were given the kind of passes that open all the doors! My kind of pass!

After a few Mojitos that cost the equivalent of the skin of my bottom (yo, Glass Cactus! $10 for a midget Mojito might work in New York, but you sit in Grapevine, Texas, give me a break!), the concert started.

I was a little concerned about being able to make my way to the front of the stage to take photographs, but Dorin told me to just shove my pass in people’s face and scream at them. So that’s what I did and it was successful.

The Man himself, Mike Reno who left his hair band home, thank goodness.

Bass player, Spider Sinnaeve

On drums, Matt Frenette

Doug Johnson on Keyboard

Very photogenic Paul Dean on guitar

Out of sight, Jerry Wong, sound engineer, grey eminence

Matt Frenette loves to make crazy faces when he plays

It’s very entertaining.

Paul and Spider being compadres

Mike Reno, hamming it up just for me! The power of the Pass!

Doug Johnson who briefly left the band but just could not stay away

Mike Reno who should not play with bleach when he does the laundry

Paul Dean, totally feeling it

Spider being very cool

The Kid is Hot Tonight

After a few encores and a ton of autographs, the members of the band wrap it up. The music switches to Kanye West’s Gold Digger (which is the song I used to play every morning at the clinic before opening to rally the troops.) I turn my attention to the people on the dance floor.

Do I really need to comment on this very religious person? I did not think so.

A couple feeling rather amorous. On Gold Digger?!?

It is time to go backstage to eat the food of the musicians and go get all the secret information about planetross.

Jerry on a box. He is in a band called “Broken condom Babies”, the best band name ever.

Dorin and Jerry. The song “Dorin” from the Old 97’s is named after her, which is quite an achievement.

This is Bob. Bonjour Bob! Bob is the drum tech. He is VERY nice.

Finally after all the gear is loaded, I manage to get Jerry Wong’s attention for five minutes and grill him about planetross. Jerry had spent two weeks at his house in Japan when he played some concerts with Kelly Pettit and Jerry was very willing to dispense enthusiastic information about food he ate with them. Apparently, the 7-11 close to the house of Cheese sells the most delicious sandwiches called Nikuman. After imparting this absolutely vital piece of information, Jerry seems more preoccupied with talking to Bob than spilling the beans about our fellow blogger.

In the end, I really have not learned much about planetross. Just that a wanker apparently he is not, and also that he had a lawnmower that looked like a toy (which is really quite surprising, really!), but now he has an improved model which cuts a inch of grass wider than the former one. I wanted dirt. I got grass. The story of my life.

On the long drive back to Dallas, Dorin and I get Happy Meals. It is late but I am still feeling quite perky.

A few hours later, the alarm rings in a perfect rendition of For whom The Bell Tolls. I understand about “workin’ for the week-end”, but I really need “a hair of the dog.” None will be had. I wanted to comment on Pat Coakley’s post about photography, but I have not been able to put two ideas together all day long. Honestly, at 2 pm, I called it quits and went back to bed.

Dorin is not a very good influence on me. I should hang out with her more.

18 responses to “The Kid Was Hot Last Night

  1. Wow! I didn’t know Loverboy was still out on the road! LOL Looks like a fun show! And, as always, the pictures are awesome!

    It was terribly fun! Way too much fun for a Wednesday night.

  2. Looks like a good time was had by all. I can’t hear about Loverboy with out thinking of that South Park episode with the pig and the elephant. Any idea of how the boys reacted to that? They should really just write that song.

    As for the woman you spotted on the dance floor, do you suppose both of them are religious or just one? I’m not talking about the other person.

    -Turkish Prawn

    Monsieur Prawn, I’ll make sure to ask them about the South Park bit next I see them. Maybe in September. I wish I had thought about it! I LOVE South Park. They are close to my favorite of all times. I can’t believe they are still as good after so many years.
    I think the cross was big enough to cover all points. πŸ˜‰

  3. It looked like a good concert! I was a big Loverboy fan in jr. high school and high school. I think our Grad song was “Get Lucky”.
    What is the Ultimate Canadian survival kit? Molson’s beer? Please do tell πŸ™‚

    I hope Jerry didn’t give away all my secret information. πŸ™‚

    Planetross, I don’t even know what a grad song is. Seriously. My ultimate Canadian Survival Kit was especially designed for American tourists traveling abroad. It includes a maple-leafed tee-shirt sporting O’ Canada, a Canadian flag pin, an oval Canadian identification emblem to put on the rental car, another little flag on fabric (but I’m not sure of its usage) and a “Consider Going Canadian” handbook.
    The handbook advises you to buy Roots clothing, drink Molson, Moosehead, or Labatt’s (if you are pimpnuts, microbrews like Alexander Keiths or Kokanee.) It also has a “How to speak Canadian” part where it gives the definitions of click, deke out, double-double, eh, hoser, mickey, Newfie, pogey, twofer, Winterpeg, etc.
    Jerry was suspiciously good about not giving out your secret information. I think he got paid off.

  4. Moi, a bad influence?!?! I’ll consider that a compliment. I’m glad you could come with me and that I got to help ‘pop’ your Loverboy cherry! I still can’t believe you’ve NEVER heard the song “Working for the Weekend”!? How is that even possible if you lived through the 80’s? Perhaps you were hanging out with other bad influences of the non-rock & roll kind?!

    p.s. I think deep down, I am a Canadian, eh. I know I do love those Canadian boys!!!

    Chouchou, I know you do all too well! Pop my Loverboy cherry? You freak, eh!

  5. The Old 97’s wrote a song about your friend? How does that work?

    And, as for the dance floor, does her religion look enhanced to anyone else?

    Magnum, Dorin knows Rhett Miller. He thought her name was perfect for the song. I am sorry to report that I was unable to find a song called Michael. I do not think the religion was enhanced. She just had a lot of fervor.

  6. Ah, that is one great bad influence!

    About that very religious person, well, she sure has a cross big enough to match her, uhm, faith.

    Nava, I agree with you. This Dorin is not earning me any brownie points for paradise. On the other hand, the very religious person on the dance floor, considering the cross she has to bear, will make it. No problem.

  7. The dance floor doll- her cups runneth over.
    ( Nava and mt took some funny shots here in the vein of religion so forgive me )

    BL, donkey love and religious humor? That’s at least two additional years in purgatory right there.

  8. Thanks everybody for your fabu comments. I answered them individually because they were just so good I felt I needed to reply in an extra-special way (and I thought you might lynch me if I clogged your My Comments page with my divagations.

  9. Divagations! And she is not one to exagerbate!

    BL, you are a sorciere.

  10. I was going to ask what the ‘ultimate Canadian survival kit was but Planetross covered it.

    I am Canadian. And I thought Loverboy was long gone.

    Oh no, they have been touring for the past ten years.

  11. Turkish Prawn: Yeah that was a good song on South Park: “Pig and Elephant DNA just won’t splice!” lol
    I saw Loverboy 5 times in my area in the 80s. I was a big fan of theirs. I remember when Dokken opened for them. That was cool because I was becoming a big George Lynch fan (the guitarist for Dokken) as well. Ah, good times.

  12. Thanks for clarification on the Ultimate Canadian Survival Kit. You have everything but the maple syrup πŸ™‚
    Grad song = graduating high school song. It wasn’t my choice.

    note: Lucky is also a brand of beer. Lucky Lager …. mmm … I’m aftertasting it right now. Is that deja booze?

    That’s what they played at prom? I can’t believe they picked a song called “Get Lucky” with all the connotations it implies. Add Lucky Lager and it starts to smell dangerously like Canadian deca-dance! πŸ˜‰
    Craig Ferguson once said that Belgium was the Canada of France, but we do not condone that type of depravity, Monsieur planetross, we most certainly don’t. Liberal wanker. πŸ˜‰
    I own large supplies of pre-kit maple syrup.

  13. 1. I’m downloading some Loverboy. Annoyed that I got this far through my life without knowing their stuff.
    2. Large crucifix + large mammaries = size (and showing it) does matter. Your comment cracked me up.
    3. Divagations? This new blog language is great fun. I’ll add this word to the growing lexicon.
    4. Great pix. Spider looks terrifyingly like my Former Flatmate. Will have to forward this to him to show his doppelgaenger.

    Don’t worry. If you are European or kiwi, I think you are excused.

  14. epicurienne: Make sure you give “When It’s Over” and “Love Will Rise Again” a listen. Oh, and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now” from the 84 Olympics “soundtrack” if you can find it.

  15. Hey Matt – thanks for the advice. I will do exactly how you say and let you know how I get on.

  16. Guys, divagation is a perfectly good English word. If you could understand my French, you’d probably think I’m the most pedantic person in the world (can I use pedantic?)

  17. Being a Canadian, I am very curious to know what this Canadian survival kit is.

    And that bass line from Turn Me Loose, still works don’t it?

    WIGSF, everybody’s a Canadian on WordPress, it seems! I described the Canadian Survival Kit in detail in response to a planetross comment earlier in the post, but I have not used it yet.

    I would not recognize “Turn me Loose” if it hit me in the face (because I ain’t from here, ya know) but it was a very energetic concert and everybody (except for me) knew the lyrics to all the songs. Quite fun!

  18. I was less than five minutes away. I’m alarmingly disappointed to learn that 1986 was in such close proximity last week and I was unable to make it.

    That can’t be Mike Reno. Stop it. Mike Reno has a nice hiney and red leather pants forever. Quit posting pictures of this not-Mike Reno man. πŸ™‚

    There’s always a higher level of awesomeness when the DJ plays “Gold Digger,” right? (It’s always THAT couple, too.)

    Life is grand. When I woke up today, I would’ve never guessed I’d see the word “pedantic” in the comments’ section of a Loverboy-inspired blog entry. Ummmm, exclamation point!

    Kristan, I’m so sorry you missed 1986. 1986 will be in Wichita in September. About the not-Mike Reno man, his feelings would be so hurt if he read your comment. Would you like me to hint that he should wear the pants again? The kid still has the voice!
    I was very careful not to use any pedantic words or expressions in response to this comment. πŸ˜‰

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