Save the Cheeseleader. Save the World.

A few weeks ago, Pat Coakley from Single for a Reason wrote about seeing the world through someone else’s eyes. planetross (“I am the Cheese”) picked me as a victim and he penned a very funny post. Being ridiculously impulsive, most of the time to my detriment, I volunteered to take a peak at his cardboard world through my rather deficient eyes.

That was a typical example of being ridiculously impulsive. See?

For the next few days, nathaliewithanh I’m not; I am now cheesewithanh. Haha!

note: I do not intend to fly as high as the man himself. That would be impossible. Waist-size is probably as lofty goal as I can attain.

double note: standing up, waist level is probably where I reach him anyway.

6 responses to “Save the Cheeseleader. Save the World.

  1. I’ve started writing and deleting everything prior to this because nothing, nothing, nothing can measure up to this escapade of delirious lunacy.

    It’s like opening the door to your house only it’s not your house anymore.
    Where am I, I said?

    The banner, the flying pig, the cheese shtick, oh I can’t stand it, I really can’t.

    You’re going to slay him………

    I’m already convulsed!

  2. I nominate you and PR, on this night of convention openings as co-commanders in Cheese. Forever.

  3. Haha! It looks like my blogsite, but it is not!
    I like all of it. You definitely have my “me, my, mine, I” pattern copied to an “h”. Love the video, but really love all your cool toys!
    You are crazy!!!

    note: I think I didn’t beat my father at chess until I was 9. (I am jealous)

    double note: It’s a good looking theme too!

  4. Thanks for all your comments. 😉

    BL: I’m thinking about never coming back to reality. I have started to steal planetross’ readership with my cheesiness and my boobs and I have not even really started with the cheesecakiness yet! Perhaps I’ll be the cheesewithanh forever and ever. 😉

    note to Bonnie: I am not trying to slay planetross. On the contrary, this exercise should be regarded as the biggest frhomage to the Cheese.

    planetross: you cannot have my toys but you can look at them with envy. 😉
    I’m only crazy because I know you are, but what am I?

    note to planetross: my father had to be whipped. He was spending way too much time thinking about his next move. I had stuff to do. I’m not very patient. ;-(

  5. That’s exactly what I thought, WTF??? I thought I stepped into a third dimension here. Very ambitious of you. Good Job!

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