Car Plates

When I moved to Texas, I was told I could have vanity plates or personalized plates.

I picked personalized plates.

As a photographer, I asked if I could have my head on a plate.

The vehicle registration lady replied I already had too much on my plate.

note: Texas has the lowest vanity plate penetration… which is amazing considering all the vanity and all the… ah nevermind!

double note: click here for a translation of my personalized plate unless you work at the Department of Public Safety, in which case click here.

triple note: I like to take rail-road trips.

10 responses to “Car Plates

  1. I never realized how hard it is to comment on this kind of stuff!
    My license plate just says “4001”, but I wanted “4001: parking space oddity” because I can park anywhere.

  2. Gah! This is all so confusing!!!!


  3. Ok. I’m with Turkish. This is confusin’ me and a little bit creeping me out.

    Do you really have that on your license plate for starters?

    I’ve got to go read more. Have you redone your whole site?? Yikes!

    Maybe, I’ll calm down and think Oh, it’s just brilliant natcrack, I remember her.

    Seriously, one question. Are you going to stick with this template from now on or just for a few days?

    I’m too old for changes like this. I get discounts on everything. Train tickets, movie tickets, drugstore. Hmmm…drug store. Meds. I may have to take one.

  4. What’s going on around here? I thought I was at the wrong place at the right time, or maybe the right place at the wrong time. You’ve changed or is it just me?

  5. p.s. since your thingy won’t let me be clicked upon, it’s only me

  6. The offense committed here might just be :
    ” Grand Theft- Identity”!

    I must remind myself you are a w(h)iz with Photoshop.
    You did not really park your car on the tracks, jump out, get a shot off, AND chance that someone behind you on the freeway wasn’t French and won’t understand your plate, did you…..???

  7. Adobe called. You’re in violation of cardinal sin. omigah.

    (You are SO funny.)

  8. Thanks for all your comments 😉 I think…

    planetross: it is hard to be you, but see, it is hard on the other side of the fence too… To either sides of you.

    TP: I’m so sorry to confuse you. It’s all Pat’s fault. She started it. ;-(

    Pat! YOU started this! It was all YOUR idea! Brilliant idea! I cheeseling planetross and I’m having such a grand time!
    Don’t worry, in a few days, I am unpublishing everything and going back to being good nathaliewithanh.
    SALOPE has been my car plate for 8 years, my French people radar. I had to relinquish it last year when I became a business. ;-(

    Midlife Slices: It’s “just” a challenge. It’s me but not me for a few days. Just for giggles. Go to the post “Save the Cheeseleader. Save the World”: it’s all explained! Reverting back to pure Nathalie in a few days.

    BL: Haha! You got me there. It’s all photoshopped. I have no plans for death just yet. 😉

  9. You have a great sense of humour! 🙂 I don’t need to look that up. I live in the county of Shropshire in the UK, and the old fashioned name for the county is “Salop” which has always got giggles from visiting French folks. (And French speaking Belgians of course!) Oh la la!

  10. Nice, I can’t believe you got away with that!! That’s classic.

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