I feel reason-ably ab-normal.

note: I generally fight abtraction with abstension.

double note: I think I abstan way too much.

note to planetross: consider yourself outcheesecaked… I always try to stay ahead of the six-pack.

note to Alan: Ha! Ha!

7 responses to “Abs

  1. I think I have ab”stained” myself!

    Your abs are definitely not ab-horrent or ab-ysmal! They are ab-solutely very ab-sorbing to look at.

    note to self: black strips are bad.

  2. Thought I’d gone to the wrong blog! Hope you’re back to yourself soon. One Planet Ross is enough.

  3. Nathalie and Ross- you two are a musical, bantering, mid-riff-ing duet!

  4. So the long awaited 6-pack shot finally makes it on your blog. I’m not there yet. Gimme…oh…maybe another 6 months. LOL

    P.S. What’s up with the black square?

  5. Absoultely brilliant.

    Americans invented the car but the Japanese are better at making them now. Do you see where I’m going with this 😉

    -that’ll ruffle some feathers over at planetross!

  6. IntractABle LOL!s at the comments.

    More notABly, however, I think ABout how I need to keep ABreast of these ABnormally ABerrant posts exposing the bare self-ABsorption estABlished by my valuABle friends. ImaginABly, this revealing confAB would fABricate fABulous natter at Starbucks…

    See you there, nathalie!

  7. Thanks for all your comments. 😉

    planetross: I ab-hor black strips too. ;-(

    S. Le: there is only ONE planetross. ;-(

    BL: Ha! Ha! can planetross be responsible for the musicality? 😉

    Alan: we are not in Baywatch land here. If it were a square, I’d be emulating Pam Anderson. ;-(

    Kelly Pettit: I absoulve you from leaving a comment only you and planetross can begin to understand.
    Leave le plumage du fromage alone! 😉

    Jason: Ha! Ha! Can’t comment! You took all the words! 😉

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