Free Advice

Some people in my neighborhood offer FREE advice!

What are they trying to accomplish?

Tomorrow I’ll sit next to them and offer free-er advice.

My more better free advice services will include more perfect and more unique advice for less than nothing.


note: I asked “the counselor” if I could take his picture and he took my request under advisement.

double note: advice and advisement are free but advisement takes a very long time.

triple note: this photograph is not from me.

11 responses to “Free Advice

  1. People don’t appreciate free advice. they have to pay lots for it or they don’t value it.

  2. If you really do, you must let us know how it went! If I didn’t live over 2000 miles away, I’d definitely stop.

  3. I like this one. Very clever.
    Is free advice classified as an “$0″pinion?
    It’s going to be difficult to offer advice for less than nothing! (that’s my 2 cents anyway)

  4. I know you DIDN’T just use ‘irregardless’ as a real word… That’s my most vile, devilish, fiendish enemy. Nothing vexes me so completely as that contemptible ghoul.

    Free advice: Ack! Never use that wanna-be word again.

  5. Awww nothing like a picnic and a bit of goss or at least gaining some valuable bribe materials against fellow town inhabitants!

    Hmm : Next job is as a Free Advice Therapist (FAT for short), here you make lots of money doing that one yip

  6. Ok. I have some free advice.

    I want nathaliewithanh back.

    And, don’t be startin’ on how this was my brilliant idea, either. I didn’t suggest having a transgender operation.

    Although, OK, the abs photo is probably enough evidence that trans gender operations haven’t been done.

    But, aren’t you the least bit worried that your buff waterynymphness is being purloined right as we speak to liposuction clinics everywhere as the “after” shot for the “before” clients?

    Oh, how I miss those moody cemeteries.


    Miss Weasel

  7. w1kkp: Are you talking to me or to the other? We are blog! You will be assimilated.

    note: sorry for the “Star Trek: Next Generation” reference.

    double note: It is all a bad dream; but some bad dreams are good.

  8. Ok. You asked, “Are you talking to me or the other? We are blog! You will be assimilated.”

    In my role of self appointed shrink (skunk) at this identity lawn party, I keep stubbing my toe on a serious issue with the reach of this emulation.

    The issue is how truly unique we really are.

    I was worried first day by just the total overhaul and not knowing whether this was a permanent redo or what. Ok. I’m not so good with change, but the whimsy and the versatility was impressive.

    Today, several days, a week? later, many posts later, I’m struck more by the differences between the cheeseman and nathaliewithanh than any similiarities, whether spoofy or otherwise, you might have in common.

    Yes. I admit it. The result is when I come to the site each day I’m hoping the emulation is over.

    Is that cranky? I think it’s simple.

    I like Nat’s photo essays best, sans cheese. We’ve got cheeseman’s site for that. But, where does one go to see nathaliewithanh? Maybe this emulation stopped being Cheese and the new nathaliewithanh. If so, I’ll have to deal with it.

    Curmudgeonly yours,


    (come to think of it, this may be yet another reason)

  9. Well Pat, I think with these last few remarks you’ve about taken all the fun out of the experience for me.

    Thanks a lot.

    You have hurt my feelings and I’m not quite sure what you had to gain from doing so in such a public manner. I think an email from you to Ross may have been more appropriate.

  10. See!

    People just don’t like free advice.


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