Not everybody owns a large collection of Starbucks barrist-art cups.

I might be the only collector in the world.

Drinking a lot of coffee is a pre-requisite for a large collection.

note: Barrista artists are not barris-tarts.

double note: do they have Tsarbucks in Russia?

13 responses to “Starbucks

  1. You’ve got planetross down to an art form! The problem for him is, I actually understand all of yours. You’ve got an equal wit. You two will have to battle your wits out face to face some day! I know someone that would like that – besides YouTube. 😉

  2. Tzarbucks! Yes, in Georgia, I think.

    Here, we call it Fourbucks.

    Looks like you’ve stolen Kelly to your ranks. Poor PR goes off line for 3 days and you show no mercy.

  3. Насладитесь вашим кофе

    If you don’t speak Russian I’d suggest going to

  4. Kelly Pettit: Sometimes, planetross takes a trip in the stratosphere and all you can do is go Ha!Ha! 😉 and if you happen to be in the same room, I would imagine winking and nudging knowingly would be appropriate too. Then you say: “Say no more, say no more” and you change the subject rapidly.
    Face to face. Ha!Ha! 🙂 Face to belly button is in the works if the death stars align correctly. NO YOUTUBE! NO moneymaking schemes!
    You and I have an appointment for photographs to match your soulful voice. Very very beautiful. “She’s Just Like Summer” still playing in my head.
    Thanks for defecting.

    BL: Fourbucks – Ha!Ha! Wish I had thought of that. 😉
    Kelly has defected. I encourage that. I think it is a daring and courageous move on his part. On Monday, when I revert to the Stories of Niva the Labradoodle, I think he will crawl back to the other side begging for forgiveness. I think planetross will take him back. 😉

  5. Sandworm: Я определенно предназначаю. Спасибо!

    Still no Ali G on the list eh?

  6. Nathalie: it’s not that I don’t like him it’s just that he’s not a ‘Stand Up’ comedian which is what that list is about… I like him and I loved ‘Borat’ and the ‘Ali G Show’ though!

    I know, I know… I’m just giving you a hard time just because I can and I’m in the mood. 😉

  7. *drools at the word Starbucks* sorry got distracted with that alone – am laughing to hard to give you a proper intelligent comment, ta for the laffs!

    Poor SanityFound. If you only have 4 choices of toothpastes and opt for sand to brush your teeth (despite the great selection offered), my guess is you probably don’t have a Starbucks where you live. So sad. ;-(

  8. Don’t know about Russia, but they do NOT have them in the Philadelphia airport!!! How screwed up and un-American is THAT?!?!?

    Hopefully our next President will bring change…

  9. Тот русский словарь потеха!!

    I’m a Peet’s Coffee girl. But that collection is way cool!

    Nava: I prefer Peet’s Coffee but I have never noticed any around here. I do have a very cool collection, don’t I? More than 150 cups! They would come to work early to work on their cups for me (feel da luuuve.) Some of them are pretty elaborate.

  10. Oh, you need to find the line of cups they had a few years back commemorating the works of Al Pacino. They called them the Scarbucks cups.

    Matt: Scarbucks – Ha!Ha! Very good!

  11. I still find you writing like Ross unnerving. Is the week up yet?

  12. Um, WHY is MY Starbucks never served within recyclable art? I feel so cheated now. All I ever get is the quickly scribbled, grossly misspelled version of my name. I’m still an addict, though.

  13. I DO THAT TOOO!!!!! COOL! <33 them

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