I would go to the end of the world to meet a person who tickles my curiosity bone, not to mention my funny one.

So, I went… AND honestly, the end of the world was even further than I thought (when you add a 4 hour bus ride) AND it was totally worth every damn mile. I’m happy!

I will now leave you with my two favorite Canadians EVER and go to bed. Details of the journey will follow. No secret information will be shared… but I come back with 2,000 photographs so I’ll have plenty to show you!

planetroCKss in Japan after experimenting with hair shears

Kelly Pettit and lovely wife Harumi

note: I can be bribed (but it won’t be cheap.)

14 responses to “Konnichiwa!

  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing the pictures! 🙂

  2. From these tidbits ( I’m going on a fundraising campaign starting tonight to raise enough money to bribe you ), what am I to surmise?

    You and Ross in one location?- wasn’t that the new supercollider I heard about last week?

    This is too good.
    Two thousand pictures and your narratives?

    Can’t wait.

  3. Nice shots. I really like the shot of Kelly and his wife. The look on Harumi’s face is what I’d call a a beatific smile.

    Japan’s a great place isn’t it? The Japanese, with the French are my favourite people that I’ve ever come across.

  4. Well look who has come crawling back to the blog world.

  5. Thanks for the great pictures and GREAT time Nathalie. We were thrilled to have you here. Looking forward to more pictures (especially of my wife and Sir Planet Ross).
    Razzbuffnik san, thanks for the nice comments. Harumi’s much better in front of the camera than me.

  6. Hooray! I wondered how long it would take for you two to meet. Curious about what you consider an acceptable bribe. I hear the blogosphere hold its breath as we wait your tales and photos.

  7. It was great having you here. The place has returned to unacceptable levels of “ho-hum” since your departure.
    I’ve lost that rockstar feeling without my personal photographer accompanying me: I’ve even stopped throwing TV sets out of windows and getting into trouble with the law! hee hee.

  8. You sneaky devil, Nathalie! I knew you disappeared to some exotic locale. I can’t wait to see what you have to offer from this trip.

  9. Guuurrrl, that’s AWESOME! 1st, actually meeting someone around the world from the blogosphere! 2nd avoiding ur hurricane in TX and third really awesome images.

  10. Thanks for all the comments! 😉

    Alan: Thanks! It’s weird to be back (or maybe it is a case of very serious jet lag – night TV sucks!)

    Bonnie: I think I’ll edit down the 2,000 photographs otherwise you will all hate me. Fun was had by all. You’ll see!

    Razz, the language barrier was a HUGE problem. I felt a bit disconnected… and even lost one time (with no one able to communicate with me.)

    Magnum: How did you know I was crawling?

    Kelly, you know the pleasure was all mine 😉

    Epic, it will be very expensive (although you could probably get away with less expensive considering the strength of the Pound.)

    planetross: bailing you out of jail was the absolute highlight of my stay. Please don’t change your rock star ways!

    jason: sorry about not telling you but it really was a spur of the moment thing.

    sweetiegirlz: I really have to pat myself on the back for the timing! I had a BLAST with the boy! Nice new avatar!

  11. Very surreal seeing pictures of you in Numata. Ross looks great with the new photoshop applications.

  12. Ah, the third Japadian! Willy Badger, sorry to have missed you.
    Ha! Ha! No photoshop applications on the Ross. He is hot as is. I did however give him the option of adding a mullet on all the photographs to make up for the hair he joyfully sheared before my arrival, but he was not too keen on my proposal.
    A la prochaine, j’espere!

  13. Oh! Oh! I am joining the 6 degrees of separation of Loverboy blogoshere and working for the weekend.
    a votre prochaine escapade au Japon on va recontre pour un Saki chaude

  14. Oh no another Loverboy connection! These guys must be social sluts!
    On va pas se vouvoyer quand meme! D’accord pour le sake, mais alors a tes propres risques et seulement si Ross est la pour me ramener a la maison sur son dos apres.

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