Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Wrinkly Raisin – (1/gazillion)

If you ever feel the need to go from plump magnificence to dehydrated prune state in the space of two hours, I strongly recommend you attend the Alan Ross Freedom Parade in Dallas. This year was no exception and I came home looking like a raisin. It was all worth it.

For those of you who do not live in my glorious town or stayed at home embracing your air conditioning unit, I’ll post photographs of the parade every day… until I run out. I hope you enjoy them.

The most annoying constable to have ever walked the streets of Dallas.

Just before the parade began, two cowboys walking up the street

4 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Wrinkly Raisin – (1/gazillion)

  1. I like the 2 cowboy photo.
    Who wears suspenders anymore?
    Kind of looks like a Lenny and George (?) thing happening!

  2. How is it that the last photo, already suggests what we’re in for.
    Thanks for posting two photos of a gazillion and keeping us in suspenders.

    I shot the NY Gay Pride Parade in July- the same gazillion but in people lining the streets, screaming, hollering, waving, smiling.
    Can’t imagine how it plays out in Dallas.
    Those were two brave cowpokes…

  3. planetross, these are very special suspenders: they are rainbow suspenders! Very stylish. I had no idea who Lenny and George were. Just watched the remake of “Of mice and men” ending. Very funny!

    Bonnie: it will get pretty nuts! It begins fairly innocuously and gets a bit wild later on. I’d love to photograph the New York one though I’m sure you have a whole lot less suspendered cowboys in attendance… BTW, how is St. Croix’ Gay Pride Parade? I can just imagine the Moko Jumbies!

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