Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Posse – (3/gazillion)

Then the popo arrived on horses, led by Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

Lupe Valdez is the only female elected Sheriff in Texas and she is openly gay.

She generally rides a convertible in the Parade, but the horse was a nice touch.

One of her posse

Another posse member

I was not arrested during the commission of this work.

If after taking a look at these photographs, you imagine Dallas to be a McCloud type of town with all kind of minorities riding horses to rescue you from the baddies, you would be wrong. Cops in shorts riding their bikes around the lake is unfortunately as exotic as it gets.

If I may add, the other day, I was fined by two policemen in a cruiser for not wearing a helmet while riding my bike leisurely around the lake. It is nice to see that while the city is crime-ridden, it has funds to pay two cops in a cruiser under a tree to sit around all day busting people like me. A fine example of tax dollars at work.

In Dallas, it is illegal to ride a bicycle without a helmet. It is also totally legal to ride a motorbike without one.

I’ve digressed, haven’t I?

3 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Posse – (3/gazillion)

  1. Love your photos and commentary.

  2. Was I dead when this happened? How come I didn’t even know this was taking place?

    Oh, wait… Never mind. The answer is simple: work.

    Still, I like the photos, especially since it lets me vicariously attend an event that slipped by sans any notice from me.

  3. Great photos as usual.
    Just wondering do the horses have to be gay too so they fit with the theme???
    Just wonderin’……

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