Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Hottie Key – (4/gazillion)

The Honorary Grand Poobah of the parade was Lance Corporal Jeff Key (who is hottie numero trois in my book. Hello!)

Jeff Key, a former US Marine, fought in Iraq in 2003 then used the ban on gays in the military to be honorably discharged and speak out against the Iraq war. He created a foundation called the Mehadi Foundation which helps veterans who self-medicate to face post traumatic stress disorder. It also supports philanthropic efforts to help Iraqi civilians.

With that background, the least you would have expected from him is to appear not only wearing the cowboy hat but a damn shining armor and ridin’ a white steed into the sunset. All we got him riding was the back of a convertible. Nice teeth though!

The Jagermeister babe followed, promoting responsible drinking and unnatural hair color

The Jagermeister dude, happy as a dead clam, promoted Jagermeister leather chaps

Leather chaps. Mmhm… Definitely not for everyone.

4 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Hottie Key – (4/gazillion)

  1. Openly gay. Marine. Hottie. Author of a one-man play (The Eyes of Babylon). Starter-upper of a non-profit to help people. Hottie. And a hottie.

    Did I mention hottie?

    Is there anything not to like about this guy? Did you bother to give him my number? Or even my e-mail address?

    Jason, I stood in the middle of the street, halted the whole parade, and tried to slip him your number but he told me he was married and also had two Labradors, and when I added that you owned a dozen cats or so, he said it just would not work and that you would understand. I’m sorry. Still, you owe me big time.

  2. This makes me want to go to the Halloween parade in NYC even more . . . sigh . . . who decided holidays were for kids?

  3. Literally: ROFLMAO! That was the bestest response EVAH!

  4. Love the entire series, and this one in particular.
    Yes, the smiling poobah under the hat- everything about him is what’s right with us.
    And the orange haired Anna Wintour eat your heart out babe.

    And of course the commentary, as always…

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