Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Subversion – (6/gazillion)

Subversive and disruptive elements. All parades have them. This year’s was no exception.

Subversive: Baby militant sowing the feathers of discord

Disruptive: Screaming man on skullcycle.

Disruptive: Motorcyclist crashes parade and gets very nasty Come-to-Jesus from stern officer

Subversive: you just know the hula boy feels like overthrowing the government.

Or maybe not the government but at least Hawaii. It would be a Hawaiian Putsch.

6 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Subversion – (6/gazillion)

  1. Screaming Man on a Skullcycle rocks!
    He reminds me of Pirate Steve in “Dodgeball”.

    Is that a skull or is it Casper the Ghost with mascara?

  2. I never knew that JEEP made pushchairs before. The guy in the grass skirt is mine, all mine.

  3. I need one of those skullcycles for Halloween!

  4. planetross: Screaming Man actually had the coolest hat but his goatie was a bit scary. I enlarge the photograph to be able to answer your question. It is not Casper although it would have been fitting. Attached to the skull is a miniature body with big feet. Very cute.

    Epic: attempting to have gay men switch team is a losing proposition. Even I know that. So, no, I’m sorry, you may not have grass skirt man. I will however leave fliers in the gay district advertising my blog, and when he reads you are lusting after him, who knows what could happen?

    Matt: you can’t trick or treat with a bike. That’s against the Halloween rules… unless you disguise the imp as a skull and plant her firmly on the handlebars. Now there’s a brilliant idea!

  5. Oh, the motorcyclist’s face says everything! Excellent.

    Totally scary, but I am pretty sure I know the yeller on the bicycle. And, um, oh, wow.

    And the hula man is definitely breaking some stereotypes here. I hope he wasn’t beaten too badly by the fashion squad. Yikes!

    No Waaaaayyyy! You know the dude on the skullcycle? Wow, that’s funny! Tell him to check out my blog, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of his friends posted in the near future… and tell him several people are VERY envious!
    The hula man may be imported to London. Epic wants him baaaaad. I think he is gay though but she is under the impression it may not be a problem. Her husband might disagree…

  6. Darn, really? The grass skirt man is batting for the other team? Phooey. I’ll just have to stick with Monsieur.

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