Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Tubtruck – (7/Gazillion)

Up until now, the parade had seemed pretty traditional. My expectations had been more in line with men wearing big boobs and make-up and/or hot guys I’d never be able to get no matter how hard I tried. Where was the decadence? Where were the Felliniesque displays of eccentricity?

Then the tubtruck rolled down the hill. A tubtruck full of foam and bubbly characters.

And suddenly I was much happier 😉

The gender mix was slightly confusing as it looked more like a few heterosexuals having a damn good time together.

Some men were clearly hogging all the foam

If you are a young strapping stud riding in a tubtruck at the parade, is it fair to the people that you cover yourself in foam out of modesty? I didn’t think so.

4 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Tubtruck – (7/Gazillion)

  1. Looks like a bubbly time was had by all….

  2. The 2 people in the last photo look like Spiderman enemies to me.

    Big Truck and trailer tub: lots of money
    People into that: probably free
    A bottle of shampoo: priceless

  3. That tub truck is one of the most brilliant ideas I have ever seen. I have got to get in on that somehow. I think the local homeschooling mothers, at least two of which are lesbians, may be able to make this happen in the next Asbury Park Gay Pride Parade. We already own a black truck. Yee-haw!

  4. Tony: too bad WE were dying of heat while photographing the bubbly tubers.

    planetross: I’m not well-versed in Super Heroes but they may have been descendants of Hydro-Man. I think many of Spiderman’s foes will make an appearance during the Gay Halloween Parade.

    pamajama: apparently you just need a foam machine and volunteers willing to have their faces plastered all over the blogosphere, wearing very little clothes. Your local homeschooling mothers seem quite progressive!

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