Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Super Hero – (8/gazillion)

Dallas as a whole lacks Super Heroes. Frankly, we could use a few. Just to help out a bit with the crime clearance rate… which is not optimal. There would be a reality show. Of course. TV producers could rehabilitate Southfork Ranch, and we’d put a few Super Heroes in there and we’d make them compete for weight loss, heroic acts of bravery, and of course, they would all be dating each other and all going in the hot tub at night just like in Real World. Awesome!

A mix between Wonderwoman and Superwoman or TransHero.

Flying to the rescue of poor people being harassed by obnoxious constable

Mission Accomplished!

Au Revoir Wondersuperwoman!

I can see foot problems developing for Dallas Super Heroes. Wearing 5 inch heels seems countraindicated when your mission consists of running after criminals (and pesky constables.) Safety trumps style, ma’am, even in Dallas.

One response to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Super Hero – (8/gazillion)

  1. Only a true Wonder Woman has got the legs to support those boots. I admire her patriotism.

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