Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Monarchy – (9/gazillion)

In Texas, the Emperor is called “The Rope ‘Em and Ride ‘Em Black Onyx – White Diamond Latino Cowboy Panda” and the Empress: “The Sprinkled with Magic, Dusted with Beauty Emerald and Sapphire Peacock.” I bet you did not know that! They are the XXXIII reigning monarchs of the United Court of the Lone Star Empire, a non-profit organization raising funds for various charities.

I don’t think the Monarchs were in attendance. Too dangerous. They should order a Popemobile for parades. It only costs $511,000.

A duchess perhaps. You would have to be titled to join the parade, I would think.

A lady in waiting?

A courtesan most definitely! She reminds me of my great aunt Olga Che!

So this is the part where I get confused. The last week-end of October, The United Court of Lone Star Empire will host its Coronation XXXIV. On one hand, that bodes well for the current monarchs because, between you and me, I thought that if the current ones were edition XXXIII, emperors were kicking the bucket at an alarming speed in the Lone Star Empire, but on the other hand, that means emperors and empresses are… elected?! What kind of monarchy is that? Monarcracy? Only in America…

3 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Monarchy – (9/gazillion)

  1. Gee Texas has come a long way. I remember being called a queer by a cop in Huston for having long hair back in the early 1980s. Back then, it would’ve been a brave tranny to show their made up faces on the street in broad daylight.

    You’d love the Gay and Lesbians Mardi Gras here in Sydney. Very colourful and flamboyant with incredible costumes.

  2. Razz, I demand to see a photograph of you as a flower child. Oh come on. I know you must have them somewhere. If not, I’d take one with a mullet. I think Dallas is ok towards gay folks BUT I’m not one so it is hard to say.
    I might have to start a Gay Pride series around the world. Amsterdam then Sydney. Not a good gig for me to get a date though.

  3. I was never a flowerchild, but I did have long hair so I could infiltrate their ranks and interfere with their women.

    Here’s a link to a post I did that has a photo of me from that time.


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