Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Round-Up – (10/gazillion)

Whenever I have guests in town, I always take them to the Round-Up Bar and Dance Hall (Flat Tony may make an appearance if he ever manages to venture out of the computer in cardboard fashion.) The Round-Up is a most excellent venue, full of hot cowboys dancing the two-step with one another.

The men holding the banner for the Round-Up wore khaki shorts and tennis shoes this year. I’m thinking about lodging a formal complaint.

My friend Doug used to take me to the Round-up all the time and we would dance together and I would destroy his feet. He moved to St. Louis where gay bars suck. I miss my Dougie Baby (that’s not Doug on the photograph)

Participating this year: Bichon in a stroller (or Maltese?)

This man represented the gay brother supported by family members which is great…

Except the little boy placed right next to him looked as if he wanted to be anywhere but on that float.

Sometimes, the show is in the audience too.

About that show in the audience, I would be glad to volunteer next year to screen the crowd, pick the ones I like and put them on the Audience Float. With what I’ve seen that day, it would be one HOT looking float: a real Chariot of Fire.

4 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Round-Up – (10/gazillion)

  1. I’ve always LOVED The Round-Up. I have a thing for cowboys…

    LOL! I love that photo of the young kid. He looks… well, he looks somewhat annoyed and disinterested. Then again, at that age I would probably want to be riding my bike or playing with action figures or roaming the neighborhood and looking for trouble with friends, so perhaps he’s just longing for ice cream and baseball and hoping the boredom ends soon.

  2. Personally, I think that boy just might be pissed that Wonder Woman had such a great costume & someone made him wear a white t-shirt and miss out on all the fun. What boy doesn’t want to wear a cape?

  3. That last shot reminds me of the time I turned around and looked at the audience watching Andy Warhol’s movie “Frankenstein” in 3D, back in the early 1980s. They we far weirder than the movie.

    I think a series on audiences would work well.

  4. Jason, just let me know when you want to go… I’m always game. I don’t have a thing for cowboys, but hot and unattainable always qualify in my book.

    pamajama, I don’t think this kid wants a chick’s cape. Herein lies the problem 😉

    Razz, I was referring more to the excellent bare-chested hottie. The rest is inconsequential…
    I do have quite a lot of audience photographs but I hesitate to post them.
    I don’t think that Warhol had much to do with the movie besides producing it, but I would not be surprised if you had seen ‘Sleep” or Empire” and actually stayed the course. I can’t stand it.

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