Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Ladies – (11/gazillion)

The ladies. Why aren’t the ladies of the parade thin, delicate, and fragile looking? Most of them appear as if they could clean my clock with the mere gesture of a pinkie. Remember The Crying Game? Would Fergus have followed Dil in the bedroom had she exhibited comparable corpulence or muscle definition? I think not.

Bling-blinged but lethal nonetheless…

Even the little chick throwing the beads is fearing for her life

The man on the right is wearing the worst mullet wig ever! He must be straight. I don’t think any gay guy with a minimum of respect for himself would ever don such atrocity. No way.

Big Bird?

2 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Ladies – (11/gazillion)

  1. Re: religion and being light in one’s loafers, I think there is a thought system in some evangelical arenas that it’s possible to PRAY the GAY AWAY. Hmmm. Fascinating how human beings just can’t let it alone. In genetics at school we were taught that in a garden of white flowers and red flowers sometimes there’s a pink flower. How right they are.
    Right. Gotta get back to my work. I’m cloning bumble bees today. Not as fun as sheep, but there you go.

  2. No wonder I could not find your comment! It refers to the next post. Can’t comment on religion. Promised a friend I wouldn’t do so on my blog. Actually, it is a bet more than a promise 😉
    How about cloning something useful for a change? How about Robert Downey Jr.? Or planetross? Please send me both prototypes in Texas ASAP!

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