Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Churches – (12/gazillion)

Religion and homosexuality. I’m so not going to take part in that little debate, but the number of churches participating in the parade was impressive (while not always phenomenally entertaining.)

The core values of the Cathedral of Hope are Compassion, Inclusion, Liberation, Hope and Faith in Jesus. That part is great but I was amused by the way Liberation is explained on their site: “We seek to challenge all oppression, particularly the oppression of queer people.” Queer? I was smacked on my fingers for using that adjective once.

A young congregationalist practicing waves and high fives

I am not sure whom Afro Man was representing. Dallas Nipple Pimps?

Afro Nipple Man conjures up images of Rooster in Baretta in more muscular, hairier, and nuder… or maybe it was Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch in more muscular, hairier, and nuder.

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