Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Bears – (13/gazillion)

I called it the Village People float because all the guys looked like the construction worker but it turns out it was the Bears. Sounds like a scout troop but, er, not quite the case. The bears are in fact a gay sub-culture which consists mostly of hairy corpulent gay or bisexual males with a working class look. Please forgive all the gross generalizations.

A slew of expressions emerged from the bear community. A Panda Bear is Asian. A Pocket Bear is short. A Bear fag hag is a Goldilocks. An Otter is hairy but slimmer than the usual bear, etc.

The bears have their own code system for placing adds. For example: Bob Donahue, one of the co-author of the code is a: B5 c+ f s- w t- k or a full bearded definite cub, furry in a bearish sense, relationship oriented, with a little tummy, shorter than average, and open-minded bear. The code saves a lot of money to U.S. bears.

I believe this is a Dallas Polar Daddy bear holding the International Bear Brotherhood Flag.

Annually, the Dallas Bears host the Texas Bear Round-Up which attracts hundreds of bears. The code of conduct for the event includes a specific ban on public defecation (!) and public nudity (complete coverage of genitals and butt crack – jock straps do not qualify.) 😉

4 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Bears – (13/gazillion)

  1. If you go out in the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise! Because today’s the day when the Teddy Bears have their picnic!

    That’s a pretty tough code; the secret handshake must be really difficult.

    Great photos.

  2. I remember reading about bears in a series of 7 books by Armistead Maupin called “Tales of the City.” Highly recommended, very entertaining.

  3. planetross, I’m just keeping you informed of the bare necessities…
    The code is actually much more complex than that but I spared you the x-rated version. I don’t want to even imagine what the secret handshake would be!

    pamajama: thanks for the tip. I NEED more books to add to the ever growing pile of unread purchases. Seriously, I had heard about the books when they were turned into a TV series. I’ll get the first one and go from there.

  4. for a fairly accurate look at the bear thing before it became such a prom queen phenomenon, check out the Leonard and Larry cartoon books. they are jewels from the 90’s (possibly late 80’s). my boyfriend would send them to me along with the Tales of the City books when I was underway in the Navy.

    a wonderful guy I know made the observation that before the bear world emerged, before Seth Rogen became a sex symbol, bearish men were shy and nice and somewhat grateful to get laid. now, he claims, they are bitches of highest order. sash queens with back hair. I shaved my beard once (as a beard is the huge boobs equivalent) and received a fair amount of coldness from the boys. Forget the bear code nonsense. That’s just a bunch of bored gay corporate analysts giving their two cents to make something organic into something textbook. I’m a big hairy ex-sailor who is a man kissing Kinsey 6, and the bear code is, in a word, gay.

    my first exposure to the bear culture was a book my uncle left my mother called “Birds of a Feather” mind you I was young country trash and this was rural north Texas. However, I was lucky to have a crazy ass gay uncle who would visit and leave my mom gay literature. The book described the emerging genre as a knee jerk reaction to fears of the skinny scary bobby pin thin sex allure that was status-quo amongst the disco-Carter queens. This was around 1983. I come from a rather robust Irish-German gene pool, and any questions about my budding sexuality were quickly replaced with a desire to draw phantom chest hair all over my body.

    Thank you Brian for sharing your story and the history. I loved the detail about your crazy ass gay uncle leaving gay literature for your mom. I’m sure she was thrilled!

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