Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Beachwear – (16/gazillion)

A strange trio. A tall skinny dude in a Speedo (and not the full-body Olympic kind), a young one in a mini-hula skirt and their identical older version.

I said “tall” but the soles on the boots may have had something to do with it.

The Speedo, the mini straw skirt, the lei, the feathers: all fine by me. But someone got confused on beach footwear. Anna Wintour would not approve.

The last of the shoe offenders. Mr. Miyagi!

These guys may have been a bit on the strange side but they were having a ball. The audience loved them! I keep wondering it this was a family outing. Some peeps go to Disney Land, some don’t. To each his own.

8 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Beachwear – (16/gazillion)

  1. golly gosh those are some serious boots

  2. Just checking in on your photos. You really did capture the essence of the parade. 🙂

  3. I think there may be Bears on the prowl somewhere.

    Dem der big boots: I think that guy was in a Budweiser Beer commercial or something.

  4. So THAT’S where my ten inch feather topped knee high boots went! I’ve been looking for those!

    Oh. Wait…. Those aren’t mine. It’s so easy to confuse them with another pair.

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. Thanks for your comments! 😉

    Tony: Golly gosh, these are Galoshes!

    Pam: Thanks for checking in. I hope I captured its effervescence as well…

    planetross: bear in mind that bears only bear the manly.

    TP: I recommend you wear yours on your official first day as a teacher. Very Southparky in a Mr./Mrs. Garrison sort of way.

  6. Guy in the bottom photo, left side should always keep his clothes ON! Interesting parade.

  7. I am sure the white socks guys are no gay! no gay guy would wear white socks to else but sports shoes… well, at least I think so… I hope so??!!! come on!!! white socks!!!
    what’s wrong with dallas?

  8. S. Le: diversity keeps us beautiful and interesting. If all men looked like Adonis, we’d get o soooo bored. I would have to switch teams after just a few weeks.

    nahunte: no, no, gay, I assure you. A major fashion faux pas. I see it all the time. I have grown somewhat immune to it, I think. 😉
    What’s wrong with Dallas? W. is coming to live here after he’s booted out in January. That should tell you something right there!

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