Dallas Gay Pride Parade – He/She – (17/gazillion)

Dear Santa, whatever this person in the photo is, that’s the body I’m ordering for Christmas. Thanks a bunch.

The context tells me this is a man lady, but I do not want to believe it. I’m not actually convinced it is not a woman.

note to Santa: I have been good to moderate good all year long!

8 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – He/She – (17/gazillion)

  1. I love this series. Thank you. I had no idea Dallas could be like this 🙂 Now I know when to come visit again. I wonder if I can get my future in-laws to bring me to the parade. (Although future brother-in-law has a very mean sense of humor so maybe we’ll leave him home.)

  2. Again I find it hard to decide what I like more, your photos or your comments…never mind, I love them both. Hope Santa will be good to you.

  3. Dear Nathalie,

    Everyone thinks you’re hot. You’ll have to be satisfied with the electric train and Legos.


  4. Amandalinn: every day is not as rosy unfortunately. The even funnier event is the Halloween parade in the same area. Now THAT’s outrageous with a capital O! I’m not sure the in-laws are such a good idea 😉

    Grasswire: that was very sweet of you 😉

    Santa: I’m not your alter lego and I’m a girl. If you bring me an electric train, I’ll tell all the little kids I encounter that you do not exist and that they can go full-steam ahead with the badness. I’m glad you find me hot, but if you could make me just a little taller, it would be very much appreciated. Hugs and kisses.
    ps: Can Sarah Palin see the North Pole from her backyard, or is it just Russia?

  5. Nat

    Be careful what you wish for. If you get a body like the guy in the photo then you’ll look like him……… a tranny.

    I can tell you from a male perspective, most hetro guys like feminine curves and we don’t tend to find angular male bodies very arousing.

  6. Wow. Looks great from the back but I’m kinda scared to ask what the face is like if (s)he turns around…

  7. Razz: nooo waaayyy! That’s one hot body. If he/she was not on a gay pride float, I would totally think it is a chick. Besides, I’m all bones anyway, so I might I well be angular AND tall. If Santa wants to bring me the boobies of the witch in the next post, that would be fine too. I’m not difficult.

    Epic: I could not tell but she could be gorgeous. By photographing stuff, you miss half the fun. I got a good half in that shot.

  8. “If he/she was not on a gay pride float, I would totally think it is a chick”

    Then it’s a good thing you’re not a straight guy because it sounds like you’d end up one day, necking with a tranny.


    waaaa……. what’s this down your jeans?”

    You probably think it’s a hot body because you are a woman and you are drawn to such masculine lines.

    Like I said before, most straight men like women to look like women, not transvestites.

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