Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Eclecti-City – (19/gazillion)

A pierced tongued witch and a pierced nosed lederhosen man. This is Dallas.

The wicked witch confused the Gay Pride Parade and the Halloween Parade. Why are all these people making evil gestures at me? I’m almost longing for the Japanese peace signs (I said almost.) The witch’s curves should make fellow blogger Razzbufnik happy.

Making out with this man? A dangerous venture! The horns protruding from his nostrils could totally poke an eye. You would need to wear protective goggles.

Dallas embraces cultural diversity.

6 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Eclecti-City – (19/gazillion)

  1. Okay, finally! I know none of these people! Whew!
    However, at one odd point I was at the SFOT on Sunday with all three of Angela’s sisters, two of their husbands, and her nephew. What an awesome family they have.

  2. Is EVERYONE in Dallas Gay? Good Lord!

    -Turkish Prawn

  3. Kristan: Are you sure? I hope you are not going to ask me for a refund! Next post perhaps…
    I do not know Angela’s family, just Brian. I’m not sure I’d survive meeting a whole family with her same genes – insane!

    TP: man! It is a GAY parade, not a HETEROSEXUAL parade. There is a difference. Trust me, the heterosexual ones are not as fun. By saying this, my dear TP, you’ve guaranteed yourself a treatment of tar and feathers, should you ever cross our state lines. Men have a tendency to get touchy about their manhood being questioned in this town!

  4. Good lord, every decent Bavarian would freak out, Bier Bauch looks genuine enough but lederhosen shorts!!

  5. Meh. I’m a Yankee. They’d try to tar and feather me anyway.

    As far as being secure in our gender rolls, I’m the one who gets to tell people that I married a sea captain! That makes a lot of folks pause. 😉

    Plus, I know that if they give me any crap, Action Girl will happily crack their heads open. It’s fun being married to a longshoreman!

    -Turkish Prawn

  6. grasswire: Bavarians would love the fact that Dallasites have embraced their culture.

    Turkish Prawn: consider yourself tarred and feathered. Damn Yankee. I think you meant “gender roles”, not “gender rolls”. If you had married a sea captain with a gender roll, I would pause too. 😉

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