Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Of Leather and Beads (21/gazillion)

My evil brother who sucks once conned me into visiting a leather bar in Brussels… He invited me for tea and scones (which I thought was incredibly sweet and sophisticated on his part – and unexpected if I may say), picked me up and drove me to a beautiful house in a posh neighborhood. Only inside did I realize that there would be no tea to be had on white linen tablecloths. I should have known better…

The Dallas Eagle bar seems to be one of these hopping places which devotes each night of the week to different activities or club parties. We apparently have quite a few leather clubs in Dallas.

The DISCIPLE Corps (at Dallas Eagle every 2nd Friday of the month) outlines rigid rules for party etiquette. You are not to touch someone else’s toys for example (unless asked to.) Also if you see something that appears unsafe, you can’t interrupt the “play”: you report your concerns to a Dungeon Master. The club is also just like Vegas and whatever happens there stays there.

The DFW Leather Boys organize educational workshops called TOOLS for da boys (or girls.) The young are tutored in the finer arts of leather care, shining boots (I think boot licking might be involved), spanking, flogging, medical play, anticipatory service, and wax play to name only a few. The medical workshop looks scary.

I think that’s cute! The big hunky guy in leather fretting over his tangled beads… Baaad Boy! He should be punished. Dungeon Master, over here please!

Hunky AND romantic… What more to ask for?

The seminar on leather care gave me pause. These guys would make their lives much easier if they replaced the leather with polyurethane. It almost looks like leather from a distance, is machine-washable and allows air to circulate through the fabric. It also saves cows.

7 responses to “Dallas Gay Pride Parade – Of Leather and Beads (21/gazillion)

  1. I have to say, with all that leather belting and stuff, it makes me think of humans on a dog leash. Oh yeah! Some humans like that sort of thing! Each to his/her own, I guess.
    Then there’s the maternal concern for those poor boys with the holes in their trousers. I hope they don’t catch cold.
    I like the snog picture at the end. Sweet.

  2. I am very entertained by your pictures and commentary.


  3. Epic: it was more than 35 degrees that day. If anything, it was more the leather around the holes that should have posed problems!

    Pam: thanks! I tried to leave a comment on your clown troll but Blogspot did not let me!

  4. Nathalie, what’s a good Texan girl like you doing saving cows? I can’t really imagine a vegan dungen master wearing straps of fake leather, it’s way too post modern for me.

  5. Very nice coverage of the event. If anyone wants to find out more about this scene, checkout http://www.leatherclubs.net.

  6. Grasswire: I was raised in Belgium! I’m not a vegetarian, I am a hypocritical carnivore.

    BlackLeather: thanks. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. I have no interest in checking out the scene, but if I had to, I would most definitely be a top! Down boy, down! And I would carry a little whip at all times too. 😉

  7. Nathalie, I’m glad you liked the site. You sound like fun with your whip.

    I passed through Belgium once on a train but unfortunately didn’t get off. I would like to visit Brussels one day. I like the Lambic beers. There is a strong electronic music scene: Front 242, Telex, etc.

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