Dallas Gay P.P. – Marilyn Manson Must Eat (22/gazillion)

He had long black hair like Marilyn Manson’s and he wore a pair of leather chaps above a black Speedo that left nothing to the imagination. Nipples pierced (I hear the pain is excruciating.) Tribal tattoos all over his body. Up until now, nothing really out of the ordinary, right? Except for the dude’s flower on his back and his extreme bony skinniness.

With such a body, he could easily be a catwalk model in Europe!

He’s already got the poses down to a T.

A little buttock exhibitionism never hurt anyone.

With all the attention I gave the man (thinking all this time about taking him to McDonalds for a few Happy Meals), I missed his flower-winged compadre. I only managed to catch him from the back, but even from this perspective, you get the intuition you’d better be really nice to him if you ever met him from the front. I know I would.

A flower and a cat-o-nine. A conflicted soul, no doubt.

10 responses to “Dallas Gay P.P. – Marilyn Manson Must Eat (22/gazillion)

  1. He looks a bit gay dontcha think????

  2. And skinny, his legs look like the may snap off…

  3. Tony. I’m not sure how to break it to ya but, er, it is a GAY PRIDE parade.

    If only your flat self had decided to go to Texas before Japan, I would have taken you. Hell, I would have dressed you up for the occasion! But nooo, you had to go get mangled in Numata first. There will be nothing left of you for me to play with when you get here! Bad bad baaaad planetross…

  4. I remember going to a “Buck Naked and the Bare Bum Boys” concert in Santa Monica in 1991. Buck came out naked except for a toilet plunger covering his goolies. The drummer was only wearing a “Yield” sign chained around his waist; he eventually took it off to reveal just a rubber chicken head on his appendage. The guitar player was fully clothed; except at the end of the concert he turned around and the ass was cut out of his jeans! Great concert.
    I think a dog owner shot Buck Naked in San Francisco a few years later after Buck told him to put his dog on a leash because it was scaring the ducks in a park. (no putdown on dog owners intended)
    Flat Tony left here eventually in one piece. No harm; no foul.

  5. Damn, I thought I had my unique Halloween outfit all figured out, and then I see this guy’s already wearing it.

  6. planetross: it was an obsessive pigeon feeder who shot your friend. I looked it up wondering how I could have possibly missed such an awesome band! Hey Ross, “goolies”? Did you mean goodies or is it yet another expression I’ve failed to capture during my whole life? I like Goolies. The word, I mean.

    Matt: there is room in this world for both of you. You could always do a color variation. Nice of you to pop by! About time too!

  7. I guess I got the story mixed up. I thought the other guy was walking his dog.
    “goolies” is what they are! I guess they are goodies too! In Japan the word for testicles translates as “golden balls”.

  8. “A bit gay…” hehehehhe.

    I don’t know what it is about these shots, but, yeah, they’re conflicted subjects. And kinda sad, too.

    I’m with you on Lord Humongous [Road Warrior]; I don’t think he lost any translation in being shot from behind.

    The skinny guy? Well, now we know what Angelina Jolie and George Michael’s baby would look like.

  9. planetross: thank you for teaching me new vocabulary. I am sure it will come in handy one day. Japanese men have a high opinion of themselves.

    Kristan: honestly, they did not look sad to me. Really quite happy to be there. We assume they must be unhappy for having conflicting gender issues but I look at someone like Eddie Izzard and he does not look unhappy to me. Isn’t it all about acceptance?

  10. Oops, sorry, Nathalie. I just noticed this response. Yes, yes, it’s all about acceptance. Or tolerance. Or a combination of the two if you’re very lucky.

    It’s hard to read folks, yes. I am half-gay, but not like you might think 😉

    Me: http://aleksandreia.wordpress.com/2008/10/14/living-the-big-gay-dad-bizwax/

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