Oops I did it again! Dallas Halloween I/MMCXXIV

T’was the sixth night before Halloween and in the Oak Lawn neighborhood of Dallas, people congregated to celebrate Halloween six nights before Halloween. A gigantic street party. A Dallas Halloween Parade… kinda gay once again. When most people dress up, in Oak Lawn, people have a natural tendency to dress very little.




and very scary images. (This is a fake appliance.)

The next few posts will be devoted to bringing you the images of the Oak Lawn Halloween Parade or Street Party. Honestly, I did not stick around for the parade. I had so much fun photographing people on the sidewalks that by the time the parade started, I was POOPED. For all of you who are tired of my gay series, I’m so sorry. It’s way not over.

10 responses to “Oops I did it again! Dallas Halloween I/MMCXXIV

  1. Thing 1 and 2! Excellent.

    I was at a costume party last night wearing a giant head piece, which made the evening far less enjoyable. I couldn’t imagine being someone like , ohhhh…the Pope full time.

  2. Kristan, no worries. I feel quite sure you’ll never be tapped to become the Pope. Even on a part-time base. 😉

  3. I will not tire of this series. It is thoroughly enjoyable.


  4. Great shots and great costumes!
    Genghis Khan and his brother Don look very good, but I agree with Kristan about Thing 1 and2!
    “Scary” is Halloween scary, but “Very Scary” is just plain scary.

  5. I’m starting to think that maybe I was wrong about Texans.

    Maybe they have a sense of humour, after all.

  6. OOPS!!! Somebody didn’t notice that their P. E. N. I .S was sticking out in an upward manner

  7. Thanks for the comments! 😉

    Pam: thanks for being a faithful follower of all my gay series. I hope to time it to end right on Halloween day.

    planetross: I thought brother Don was a chick. I swear. As Razz says, if I were a guy, I’d have interesting adventures! Very scary was very scary. really.

    Razz: Oak Lawn is an islet of insanity in a vastly non-humorous state.

    Tony: after your comment, I added that it was a fake one. I think it was a fake one. Surely it must have been. Was it?

  8. Gotta say, you’ve got a creative crowd there!!
    Are ya glad it’s over??

  9. Hi Marian! thanks for stopping by! I’m absolutely elated that Halloween is over, done, fini, finito, kaput, geëindigdk, beendet, terminado, not to mention 終えられる!

  10. ohhhhhhhhppssssssssssssssss did you ll see the statue of Liberty. simple the best

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