Primary Colors – Halloween IV

I don’t know what it is about green-skinned people but they always inspire me to shoot color. I generally stick to black and white, but if you are a delicious shade of Key West Green, I’ll love you just the way you are. Devil Red? I’ll adore you too!

The Halloween Street Party at Oak Lawn in Dallas gives me all the colors, hues, and subtle nuances thereof to last me 364 days of shades of grays.

Beelzebub wore Prada’s next year’s collection.

A satyr who badly needs a haircut.

Bud Lights? Tim Burton and I are hereby disowning these guys. Really.

A precious Golden Boy.

Another Prince of Darkness. Sassy! I just received exactly the same horns!!!

My favorite Ralph Lauren green!

Just wicked!

More crazy funkiness coming your way soon…

10 responses to “Primary Colors – Halloween IV

  1. Wow! There are some very good shots in this lot.

  2. These are among some of my all time favorites. The Golden Boy, the first horned one, somehow you’ve given them a softness and erasure of fright that would make Halloween seem more tender than fierce.
    You really captured such sweet essence in many of these.


  3. Yes, Nat, they’re all very colourful etc but you’re not going to tell me YOU didn’t dress up, are you? Where are you? What’s YOUR costume? Come on, dish it! Please?

  4. Razz: thank you so very very much!

    Bonnie: the Golden Boy was very soft… as soon as he got off his damn cell phone! Thank you for the compliments. They are some of my favorites too… although the last one with just the hint of the devil kicks ass! “erasure of fright”, mmmhm, I like that…

    epic: nope. No dress up. I had actually gotten out the 5 inch stripper boots but decided against wearing them at the last minute. I should have. I keep on photographing people’s nostrils. When I dress up, I generally go for sheer ugliness – bad fake teeth, rollers in my hair, mini jeans dress and bright orange sock boots. A classic.

  5. Wow! These are great shots, Nathalie. Beelzebub definitely mixed the right colors together for that shot. And the “Just wicked!” photo? Oh, yes, that’s marvelous. He’s not only cute but he also has the wherewithal to go all out. The contact lenses do his disguise a great deal of justice. Then there’s Golden Boy. Ouch!

  6. Oh, and I should add this little note…

    Happy birthday, Nathalie!

  7. DevilWearsPrada

    Thanks for taking my pics… it took me a while to find them. Do you have any more of me to share? You know, the devil has many faces and I’d love to see them all. 😉

    Happy Halloween!

  8. DevilWearsPrada

    P.S. I’m the devil in the first and last pics…

  9. Jason: thanks! I’ve noticed you have been following my blog more assiduously these last few weeks. Mmmhm… I wonder why!

    Monsieur Devil: so glad you found your photos. I may have a few more faces to show with you… I’ll send you an email!

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