Street Ambiguities – Halloween III

Halloween in the Gay neighborhood of Oak Lawn happens WAY before Halloween. You walk the streets and wonder if folks are regular or enhanced for the evening. What if you committed a horrible faux-pas? What if you asked them to pose and they were not disguised AT ALL? You’d hope they were tiny.

Regular? Enhanced? And the cops? Real cops? “Hey Hey butch lady, mind if I take your picture?… Oh nice handcuffs you are slapping on my wrists! Not a costume eh?”

Enhanced or Britney Spears in Dallas for the night? I think if it were Britney, there would not be underwear involved.

A lost Swedish tourist perhaps? “Ursäkta mig! var är Stockholm dig den galna Texanduden?”

A lovely distinguished lady drinking tea beer on the sidewalk?

Hot Mama or hot Papamama?

I think hot mama until I notice the agape mouth of the passer-by on the right. Then I know. That being said, she was smoking hot.

8 responses to “Street Ambiguities – Halloween III

  1. Hey, there’s a gnome in your picture. 🙂

  2. OMG:D…I Found it:D:D:D:D…I met you at the Block Party:D…AMAZING photographer:D…I mean it you do this Really well it is evident that it is not only a talent but a passion that you have:)…

    I am the “who you callin a fairy boy” ;D…Remember I was the one in the fishnets with my fairy lesbo at block party:)…Keep it up:)…you are truly gifted:)…

  3. There you go again. Still can’t tell a male butt from a female butt.

    You’d be in for some “interesting” times if you were a straight male in the singles scene.

  4. Along the lines of the “How do you dress for Halloween when you put on a costume every day?” question, I have a fun story…

    My friends Adam and Dory were punks in the classic “1977” sense. Black clothes, spiked mohawk, safety pin through the ear lobe, chain used as belt and Doc Martins. The whole schtick. They were going to a Cramps concert and realizing that everyone else there would look just like them, they needed to make a change. One trip to the Salvation Army later, they attended the concert. Her in an electric blue brides made dress from hell and he in a sea foam green, polyester tux, complete with shirt ruffle. They got a lot of compliments!

    I miss those guys!

    -Turkish Prawn

  5. These gay mens is making me feel really unfit. Mmmm-hm. Snap, snap, snap.

    And I mean “unfit” as in the I-need-to-quit-eating-everything-that’s-characterized-as-chocolate variety.

    I gotta hand it to them: they look fantastic. *jealous*

  6. Thanks for all your comments! 😉

    Pam: if he truly were a gnome, I’d need a bigger yard! He is a Swedish tourist.

    Scotty: You cutie! So glad you found me! Thanks for the huge compliments. Your turn to be displayed is coming soon!

    Razz: not only is that butt awesome, but she was pretty too. I’d be a disaster as a man. A very romantic disaster.

    TP: you miss Adam and Dory. I miss The Cramps. I think I would have liked your friends. A lot! Thanks for sharing your story.

    Kristan: I’m with you sista’. BUT, in all fairness, there were a lot of not so in shape gay men too. You’ll see! I just failed to incorporate them just yet.

  7. YAY! Bring on the fat gays! hoOt!

  8. I think he is trying to be the Travelocity Gnome…but Swedish tourist works too. lol

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