A Bit o’ Cowboy Lovin’ – Halloween VI

Texas, boldest and grandest, and land of mighty cowboys. Right. Except that, in Dallas, I see a whole lot more suits than cowboy hats. Raised on JR and Jock Ewing, I’ve always felt cheated and entitled to a refund.

Then… last Saturday, at the Oak Lawn Halloween Street Party, I got an eyeful that probably compensates for the 15 years of cowboylessness.

At first, innocent enough, even though bare-chested and nipple-pierced

Then he turned around.

The new version of Rub the Buddha Belly, Texan style

Married women getting a bit of cowboy action

I plan on writing a letter to David Jacobs, the creator of Dallas, the TV show. He obviously completely missed the mark on that one.

7 responses to “A Bit o’ Cowboy Lovin’ – Halloween VI

  1. LOL

    “Married women getting a bit of cowboy action”

    Look at his tattoo again; I don’t think those ladies are getting any action at all from that cowboy!

  2. How did he get hold of Flat Tony’s trousers???

  3. Well, Nathalie, you have certainly done yourself proud on this one. How on earth do you get these people to pose for you and look so happy about it?
    You really are a Dallas legend yourself, methinks.

  4. PS do you think anything illegal is hiding up that cowboy’s cheeks?
    Forgive me. After the sniffy doggy experience, any pics like this will have me asking the same!!

  5. Ass cheeks?

    …This site just continues to get more odd everytime I return.

  6. Thanks for all your comments! 😉

    Jonolan: I think the ladies knew they were knocking at the wrong door but who could blame them for trying?

    Tony: planetross emailed me the pants just in time for the parade! Does he miss them? No worries! I can arrange to get them back.

    Epic: people at the parade expect to be photographed. They love it – especially half-naked cowboy! I was the wrong gender to conduct a cavity search so I just could not be sure…

    Alan: You are back!!!! Did not see too many ass cheeks in London, did you? I’m sorry.
    This is not an odd blog… just documenting what is going on in Dallas, that’s all. Sometimes, I have to entertain myself as well, you know?

  7. Is that even legal?!? lol

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