HELP! Pretty Please!

When it comes to making choices, let’s just say I have issues. I am not the type of person who agonizes for hours in front of a black sweater and a brown sweater wondering which one to purchase. No. I buy both. Needless to say, I maintain a healthy distance between myself and stores.

Last January, I decided to design a promotional children photography brochure. Eleven months later, I still have not decided which photographs to include. Not procrastination. Not laziness. Just incapacity to make up my mind. That’s where you come in like glorious knights in shining armors! It’s high time y’all became useful at something anyway!

I post photographs and you, my beloved and cherished readers (am I laying it on too thick?), help me make choices! Voila! Brilliant, no?

The first set is from a session I shot in Belgium. Circe and Calypso were my little models. I would like to possibly use one or two in the lot.












Please let me know which one or which ones you think would be a good addition to the brochure.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. There are many more you can select so if you do not like any of these, come back later!

note: folks, it would be helpful if you all picked the same one.

19 responses to “HELP! Pretty Please!

  1. Nathalie, I keep telling you when you ask 100 people for their input you’ll get 100 different answers and just be more confused on which to pick! All the photos are lovely, but I really like photos #5 and #6.

    Chouchou, I know. I keep hoping for enlightenment and since it does not seem to be forthcoming, I designated y’all as my guiding lights. You’d better not confuse me more!

  2. 1, 3, 5, 6 and 11 are my favorite. All of your photos are great but these are the one’s I would choose. Keep up the great work!

    Thanks Cody! I appreciate your input! I’m now finally getting somewhere!!! Please come back for all the others I have to pick!

  3. I’m not even looking to see what any one else has picked cause I don’t want to be influenced by them. Guess you are just going to have to choose the most picked shots and finally just break down and do it…..DECIDE! LOL!

    5, 7, 8 & 10 are my favorites…..10 cause I love the shoes. And I love 7 & 8 because they show ‘moods’ or personality traits. I would love to have photographs of my kids when they were younger that captured those things……that I may not have seen for years. We usually only bring out the camera for ‘events’ and people pose and smile. Yep….I like them.

    Thank you so much for your input. One of the ones you picked has been 3 for 3 so far… so that may be one for the brochure. Hopefully your kids will grow up to give you grand-kids one day and that’s when you’ll have the chance to make up for all the photographs you did not take!!! 🙂

  4. I scrolled through the pictures, and #3 and #6 are the two that speak to me. Hope that helps!

  5. #1 and #3 are my choice!! Good Luck 🙂

  6. 1, 3, 6 and 10. I think 1 is the most impressive because of the excellent exposure and use of available light.

  7. #1, 6, 7, and 10 are my favourites. classic, quirky, noir, and there is a cat that will eventually go to cat heaven and everyone will have deep feelings about it.

  8. Thank you jimsmuse, Diana, Monsieur P., and planetross!

    While this is incredibly helpful, now it’s getting way more complicated! It would be really easier if everyone picked the same one.

    I might need a bigger brochure.

    planetross: strangely, deep feelings for dead pets is not a factor I had considered in the making of this brochure. I truly am a marketing failure. How could I have missed that?

  9. Always glad to help…..for what my markedly amateurish opinion is worth.

    1 & 2 because, to me, the images feel relaxed and not too posed.

    6 because it offers a hint of mischief.

    (now that I’ve read the above comments I see that 6 seems to be a fav)

    Thank you forkboy! I love to have your opinion. For now, I think 6 and 1 are the winners, with 5 as a close second. Only a gazillion more images to go through. I’m counting on you…

  10. 3, 5 and maybe 7.

    Thanks again.

  11. I like 1 because of the angle, & 9 because it looks very natural or unposed.

    I am so grateful that you would take some of your free time to cast your vote (I bet you get that kind of response all the time!) 🙂

  12. I’d go for 1, 3, 6 and 7
    I know you asked for two but it’s hard to pick 🙂
    6 and 7 are my favorites but 1 and 3 might cater to more ‘conventional’ clients.
    all in all, at least go for number 6, it is special

    Thanks grasswire. I might go with 6 for the front of the brochure. I’m waiting for all the votes to make any decisions. It is always a dilemma to chose to go with the heart or what you think is expected.

  13. I really like the first shot. Good expression and excellent composition. I’m not keen on shots of kids that make them look sullen.

    On a side note, I always think that shots of people squatting look like they are taking a dump and therefore I don’t like that kind of pose.

    When I was in Art College the head of the photography department used to ask us, when he looked at our work; “what are you trying to say?”

    So, in turn, I’m asking you; what are you trying to communicate about the children in your photos?

    I’d also suggest that you ask clients (who are articulate enough to express their ideas) what they like to see in a child’s portrait, because it’s the client’s opinion that really matters and half the battle is identifying their needs.

    Thanks Razz. No more squatting children, I promise. Your question is too difficult to answer in a general manner. It really depends on the child (AND how willing the child is!) I like natural and simple. No forced expressions. No distracting backgrounds. It is like setting the stage and lighting but letting the comedian improvise within limits. I ask parents before the session if there is anything in particular that they would like me to capture, otherwise I never have a preconceived vision.

    I like sullen. I like sullen because most children have a very present “dark” side. It should be recorded.

  14. In order of preference: 6, 7 & 1.

    Number six offers a charismatic dichotomy, what with stoic gender ambiguity and mischievous feminine elegance all mixed into one photo.

    Number seven shows the worlds of make-believe and dress-up coupled with the hidden truth that lies beneath, the thing all children try to hide but that a good photographer can bring out.

    Number one is beautiful and natural and discerning, a touch of childhood disinterest mixed with childhood pride at being seen as something more than just a child, and with an added pinch of well-captured prettiness tempered with intrigue.

    Jason, please see me later about the text for the brochure. 😉

  15. 1,5,7
    everyone comments why they liked certain pictures.. hm.. I suppose I have to do this as well..
    however.. I like them, because of what they are expressing. suppressed tiredness, eagerness to please and look good and the childish eyes clarity.

    Thanks for your votes. I wish they were all eager to please! The sessions generally begin with the eagerness… but it does not last. The smaller they are, the less time you have. And the really little ones have no eagerness to please whatsoever! Nevermind the light! I always try to shoot at their usual happiest time of the day.

  16. 3 – feeling of sisterly love but tranquil
    7 – reminds me of adolescent angst in a good way. That girl looks as if she’s learning to think for herself and that’s INTERESTING.

    Thanks Epic! Both girls actually think for themselves already. They live in an incredible imaginary world and fill their days with stories they invent and parts to play. I think it is a no TV in the house result. Both parents are fantastic and have always encouraged them to develop their own opinions.

  17. They are all great Nathalie, but I really like 1, 6, and 7.

  18. 3, 5, 7, 8

    (They’re all beautiful though!)

  19. 8 is favorite, then 1. This is fun:)

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