This is not over yet. I am well aware that you slackers would much rather curl up in front of the fireplace (for you up north and way east) or go for a jog in a tee-shirt (my homeys and the Southerns down there), but you have far from completed your task.

Your help in helping me select photographs for my children photography brochure has proven incredibly valuable to me. I would have never selected the images you’ve chosen so far! What an eye-opener! It confirms what I’ve always thought: I should NEVER trust my own judgment!

Please select your three favorites from this set:














All kidding set aside, I really REALLY appreciate your comments. You’ll notice for example that I have not included any photographs of squatting children in this set. I will probably never photograph them in that position anymore either for the reason so well set forth in your previous comments (why did I never think of that?)

Thanks again. I love you guys. Tears. Tears. Big smile.

If you have not cast your vote yet for the previous images, please do so here and there.

25 responses to “1-900-nathaliewithanhneedsmorehelp

  1. My vote this time is for #1, #8 and #13 (and #4, because I can’t follow directions and only pick 3 images).

    Rather than just picking the images I thought were the most interesting or artistic, I spent a few moments this round thinking about what it is you’re trying to do.

    When I tried to look at these photographs as a parent looking for a portrait photographer rather than as an “art critic”, the choice was very easy. While there may be a lot of emotion and a lot of ‘story’ in images like #9 and #10 (and they are incredible photographs!), they both have a solemnity and a sadness to them that I suspect would cause me crushing guilt as the parent of the subject every time I looked at them!

    Just a Mom’s point of view, and I hope you take the comment in the spirit in which it was intended (i.e. I know a lot more about advertising and parenting than I do about photography!)

  2. I like sad-looking children. I now painfully realize that.

    I also always have happy portraits, but the ones I prefer are the ones where the kid looks reflective and soulful. I must have been one very unhappy kid. I think I’m projecting.

    Thanks for a very helpful and revealing comment. I will amend my ways.

  3. Don’t stop taking the sort of pictures that mean a lot to you…I think they’re amazing!

    I was merely pointing out that if you’re doing advertising, you may want to use the more “happy” portraits to lure in the parents! You’ll suck them in with “happy” pix in your brochure, and then I guarantee you that the parents who appreciate you as an artist will also love the more “soulful” photos and choose those as well!

  4. 3, 4 and 13. Are we gonna have to put together your entire portfolio??? Dammit…I HATE talented people!

  5. P.S. You’re the greatest photographer…in Dallas…that I know…who has a blog site.

    🙂 Love ya H!

  6. 3, 4 and 8. Your portraits are really inspirational. Gorgeous work Nathalie.

  7. I choose 1, 2. 4, and 13!

  8. Before I postulate as to my choices, I wish to confess to having worked in the same frame of mind as jimsmuse. I’m trying to see children as children, and not subject matter, if you will. All your images are beautiful, but I don’t think of “children” when I see images like number 8 and 9, but instead see a subject….a model. Yeah. A model instead of a child.

    Regardless my votes (and perfect choices as always 😉 are:

    2, 6 and 13.

    Hope I didn’t say anything wrong with my opening statement. No offence tendered…..EVER!

  9. Very hard task!

    I have to admit particular soft spots for 3, 4, 8 and 9 🙂

  10. 1,11,13

    Speaking as a dad who would love to have you photograph my kiddos, I like the ones that show the kid being themselves and where in not actually smiling, at least don’t look like they are having a rough day.

    -Turkish Prawn

  11. 1, 4, & 13. I follow the rules. It is just something about me.

  12. 13 is a must because you can almost sense that there’s a lot more going on in that baby’s mind than we could ever guess. It makes me smile.
    I also like 7 because I have a brother and that’s the sort of picture that I’d look back on fondly.
    I also love 8 because of the backwards glance and slightly cheeky smile. She’s up to something.

  13. Okay this is definitely the hardest so far!! But if I must. . . .
    1- becuase I think you should have a studio shot in there and I like it
    7 and 12
    But I do like them all so much!!

  14. I like 3, 6, and 13 the best.

    #3 because of the grin on that little scallywag.
    #6 because of some secret garden idea I imagine when I see it.
    #13 because the baby looks like Winston Churchill.

  15. Hell, Nat, you really have to work through these results with a statistician! We all like different things and yet converge on certain pix. Bonne chance.

  16. Guys! Thank you sooo much for your votes. I cannot start to explain how helpful this has been. Although a lot of different images were chosen, a few just stood out in my statistics and these are the ones I will use.

    Not only will I use the photographs, but I may even steal and reword some of your comments for the text! I should do this more often. Really.

    Now I have to design the brochure. That’s a whole other headache and I think I’m on my own for this one!

    planetross, I hope the parents of Winston Churchill do not read my blog… I think they do. I’ll send the very big and muscular daddy your way for any further comments… 🙂

  17. We’re all quite happy to help. You’ll have to post your brochure once it’s done so we can see what you selected.

  18. Your portraits are wonderful, I can’t pick just three… I’ve not had much luck with portraits, I don’t seem to have the eye for those type shots. I’ve got to work on them.

  19. I’m late to the game but here’s my choice,
    #1 for that little Twinkie in a teacup- any parent would melt for that one.
    #3 for the joyful exuberance and parents like to feel their kids are happy. Less guilt.
    #5 for that big brother sweet little sister relationship.
    And #13 cause that imp looks like he knows a lot and he ain’t tellin!

    You’re right on the money with this idea and no matter which ones you go with, they will impress the parents with your skill and ability to display personalities with such deftness.

  20. I can’t choose because they are all excellent work.

  21. The first shot is perfect!

    2 and 4 are also very good.

    Like Jimsmuse, I can’t follow directions, so I’d like to add one more, #9.

  22. Thanks for all the comments. We now have clear winners! I just have to select which ones to use between all the clear winners. Which will be a problem. Clearly.

  23. Unfortunately, some of your best children’s pictures have not been included for our selection.

  24. #9 is absolutely incredible!

    My vote goes to #5, #9 and #10.

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