Dallas, Ton Univers Impitoyaaaaable…

Consider the following as a visit to Downtown Dallas without having to brave traffic, leave the comfort of your orthopedic chair, mess with a legion of one-way streets, and hurry back to your parking meter before the cop nabs you. I strongly suspect that the parking meters are secretly electronically monitored by the police otherwise how would you explain the number of tickets I have gotten in the past for running just a few minutes late? A sixth sense? I don’t think so.


Texans are not particularly environment-friendly. SUVs and pick-up trucks abound in the streets of Dallas. My single friends who own monstrous gas guzzlers generally justify themselves by alleging the vehicles are very practical to move “stuff.” Right. Like that one time they bought a ficus tree.


The Comerica Bank Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Dallas with 60 stories. It used to be the Bank One Center. The bank recently completed the sale of $2.25 billion of preferred stock as part of $700 billion government rescue package.


The Majestic Theater opened its doors in 1921! Mae West and Houdini performed in the venue. I saw Rob Decker performing “Defending the Caveman” there. Men are hunters. Women are gatherers. What about Sarah Palin then?


Dallas may appear somewhat impersonal.


Its charm resides in the details… and low expectations.


The red Pegasus, logo of the Magnolia Petroleum Company, predecessor to Mobil Oil, has throned over Dallas since 1934. As part of the Dallas Millennium Celebration, the sign was restored (translate rebuilt for $600,000) and relit on December 31st, 1999 at midnight.

bdowntown_051As I am taking a picture of the modern sculpture, a guard comes rushing out of the building and prohibits me from photographing the statue. Interesting! The reasoning behind the ban is that I could very well be a terrorist. Okayyyy. But if I stand on the sidewalk across the street, then I can photograph the building without any problem. That makes so much sense! Furthermore, does the sidewalk belong to the building or the city? I would surmise the city therefore how can I be prohibited from taking a photograph if I stand on public property?


Glass and steel


Oldish buildings

bdowntown_062-copyThe “Old Red” Courthouse built in the 1890s represents well the romanesque style of the period. Today it houses a Museum dedicated to Dallas County. I think the City should have kept it as a courthouse with little jails in the dark turrets to deter crime.


The 1946 Greyhound Station which I like very very much.


The usual flurry of downtown activity


One of the rare sign of life on the street and she wasn’t staying either.


My favorite reason to go downtown


Typical Dallas scenery: the marriage of kind of old with really new

Voila. I hope you realize the extent of my sacrifice. To add to this heavy burden, the letter “a” on my keyboard has gone kaput and I’m typing this by pasting all the as. Is there a nerd that might indicate what to do about all the as? When your name is Nathalie and you live in Dallas, you need your as!

10 responses to “Dallas, Ton Univers Impitoyaaaaable…

  1. Ya know…I’ve only been to Dallas once and I never got downtown. Looks like a city! Great shots though!

  2. Your poor A-key! All that copying and pasting – a sign of true dedication. 🙂

  3. I love this photographic tour. Funny, St Jude is everywhere. As Patron Saint of lost causes, he’s my favourite. As for the terrorist threat that you pose to a giant red sculpture, just goes to show that terrorists must come in all shapes and sizes. If a mobile phone can be a tool in these crimes, just imagine what that security guard must have thought your camera could do!
    Poor keyboard – hope it recovers soon.

  4. The picture of The Majestic reminds me ones I see of Chicago’s Chicago Theater.

    I’ve read a number of stories about photographers being run off, threatened, etc. for taking pictures of buildings, but you are right: if you’re on city property there is nothing they can do to you and if they touch you, grab a cop and have the offending party arrested. There is no law preventing folks from photographing buildings. Be vigilant. Protect your rights.

    Love the quasi-Deco look of the bus terminal. Glad you shared that one with us.

  5. I love the greyhound station.

    Hard to believe that the restoration of a sign cost $600,000. I bet you could’ve bought 6 new ones for that price. Smells a bit fishy to me.

    I would’ve told the security guard to f#%k off! If you are on a public street and the building isn’t of “strategic” value there is no way that a little tin god can tell you not to take photos of the sculpture.

    It really gets my blood up when I hear about such stupid people. I guess that’s why he is a security guard.

    THE POWER!!!!

  6. Great photos.
    Has there been a plague in Dallas? There don’t seem to be too many people out and about.

  7. I wonder too. Where are the people? It seems as quiet as my little hometown.

    But great photos anyway and thanks for your comment on my ‘Storm Chasing’ photo.

  8. Great shots and thanks for the “traffic free” visit.

  9. Thanks for all your comments!

    Alan: not many good reasons to go downtown besides fighting traffic ticket or being questioned as a potential juror.
    Nezza: I’m dedicated to a point but this A thing is getting old.
    Epic: the threat was not to the statue but the glass building because of the probability I would high-jack a plane and smash into the building BUT needed a picture of said building first. Right!
    Forkboy: Glad you liked the Greyhound building. Grabbing a cop in Dallas is not always a good idea.
    Razz: Yep. $600,000. Amazing, isn’t it? Now, you have to understand that Pegasus rotates. That does not come cheap!
    Planetross: no, no plague. We’ve had chrystal meth epidemics, St. Louis encephalitis epidemics, DWI epidemics and even a Tony Romo fever (but I think that’s over.)
    Wouter: thanks. It’s very quiet in Downtown, but there are plenty of hot spots in other parts of town.
    Tam: Thanks! It’s always a pleasure to provide traffic free visits. Just follow the guide!

  10. I found your blog while I was searching the internet for the names of buildings in Dallas. I’ve been there twice and love the architecture. I have the same experience as you: when I was taking pictures of the modern sculpture in front of the bank they sent me away. I wrote a little story about it on my website (just click on my name to see it). So funny to read your story and checking out your wonderful photos.

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